Celebrate With Me.

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Tracy and Luke fly to Port Charles, Nikolas and Britt arrive on Cassadine Island, and Sabrina confronts Carlos.

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In flight, Luke orders champagne to celebrate. Tracy finds him nauseating as he over-compliments the airline staff. She chastises him for his choice in beverages when he switches his order to a beer. Luke invites her to celebrate life with him and starts with a toast the woman who made it possible. While Luke orders something else from the stewardess, Tracy remembers his promise to give her the whole enchilada back on the island. She thinks he's having a placebo effect and wonders if they should have taken the doctor from the island with them. They argue about going back to the island. She finally decides he's right that they shouldn't go but he doesn't hear a word she says. Tracy wonders if she's hungry enough for the whole enchilada when the stewardess asks for her order.

On Cassadine Island, Britt's eager to find Ben when she and Nikolas arrive at the mansion. He'll check with security first before taking care of her parents. They find a warm baby-bottle of milk. An armed guard yells a warning before recognizing 'Prince Nikolas'. Nikolas is interested in the interlopers visiting the island. The staff is under the impression Dr. Obrecht and Jerry Jacks were guests. Nikolas isn't surprised he's alive and finds out he's in the lab. He gives the guard orders to round everyone up and protect the baby. He warns Britt to be careful before leaving to get a gun. In the lab, Robin records her research notes and her wish to keep him alive long enough for her parents to rescue her. Jerry wonders where the baby is when he comes for a checkup. What difference does it make to him? She reminds him that he's dying and she needs to save him so she can get away from him, Obrecht and Faison. Jerry's angry that Obrecht brought Faison there. He expects the WSB will be there soon but no one can save Robin. They're both finished. He's going home to see his family one last time but she's not. He asks if she has any last words while pulling a gun on her. He doesn't have to die; there is another way. She needs the man who stole the cure. That's a problem for Jerry. Luke Spencer stole the cure and he's gone. He tells her about Helena poisoning Luke. Robin begs to go with him to Port Charles but he leaves. Nikolas comes downstairs armed. Robin's planning on coming home when he opens the lab door. They're both surprised to see each other. Upstairs, Faison thinks Britt might have something to say about Obrecht's plans for them to raise their grandbaby. He doesn't want to underestimate the power of a mom looking for her baby. Obrecht confesses Britt almost aborted the baby. He thinks it was a moment of weakness but Obrecht believes Britt will thank them in the end. Faison is putting Ben to bed when Obrecht returns in sexy attire. She believes they should be one. It is best for the child. Faison asks her to wear her Anna mask. She cries and slaps him. She won't do what he wants anymore. She's not afraid of him and warns he should watch his step around her. She goes downstairs and is surprised to find Britt who wants to know where Ben is. They struggle. Obrecht falls hard to the floor as Britt rushes upstairs. She finds Faison holding her son.

Sabrina storms into Carlos' office at Crimson. She asks how he can sleep at night after the prank call he made to Patrick. Carlos wouldn't use Patrick's grief to his advantage in that way. She reminds him that he used the wedding ring. Carlos thinks she should thank him. It's obvious that Patrick is in love with a dead woman and he will never let her go. She asks him to never to speak to her again and leaves.

At Patrick's, Elizabeth is cleaning up when he comes home to relieve her of her babysitting duties. She knows there's trouble in paradise after he and Sabrina fought at the hospital. He admits things were going really well until he heard from Robin. Elizabeth asks if it was in a dream. He confides it was a phone call. He heard Robin's voice and he can't let it go. Elizabeth remembers how she held onto Jake for too long. Elizabeth notes that Robin's not coming back. He thanks her for getting his head on straight. She doesn't think he needs her for that. All his questions will be answered. Alone, Patrick watches Robin's video again where she tells him that there's someone out there for him. When Sabrina arrives he tells her everything is finally right. He asks Sabrina to marry him.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Diane explains to Maxie and Spinelli that Dante and Lulu could be accused of kidnapping.

Lulu begs Alexis to help her and Dante.

Sabrina asks Patrick, "Where's this coming from?"

Britt wants Faison to give her Ben.

Anna and Robert find Obrecht on Cassadine Island.

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