Let's Go Get Our Daughter.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Robert and Anna argue about going to Cassadine Island, Britt doesn't want to wait for Anna's help, and Robin learns about her parents.

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At GH, Sabrina overhears Patrick discussing Anna on the phone with Duke. He wants to tell Anna about Robin's call. Unlike Sabrina, he doesn't believe the phone call was nothing. She thinks he heard what he wanted to hear. Patrick knows Robin's voice…if it wasn't her then who could it be? Sabrina's certain there must be some other explanation but her attempts to find one fail. She doesn't want this to get to him. It's the last thing Robin would want.

At the office, Shawn and Sonny discuss their reasons to doubt that Derek is Julian, especially since they look nothing alike. Duke joins them and Sonny's shares the trouble he had with his recent shipment. Duke's surprised that they've been told Julian Jerome is alive. He was killed by Jonathon Paget who assumed Duke's likeness with plastic surgery. Paget's dead as well and can't verify the story. Robert Scorpio was the one who discovered Julian's body. Sonny remembers Robert's habit of faking deaths but Duke's certain he wouldn't lie about Julian. He believes the name is a coincidence given Julian only had one son, Lucas. Sonny asks how much he knows about Derek. Duke explains how he got his job after Derek questioned him about his mob past. Sonny thanks him and congratulates him for being on the straight and narrow to be able to work with Derek. Alone, Shawn believes Julian's dead but Sonny thinks Julian Jerome is a symbol of what Duke left behind. Duke wants to believe he's dead and buried, but it doesn't make it true. Something doesn't sit right with Sonny and he asks Shawn to stick to the Jeromes.

On Cassadine Island, Robin converses with Ben and tries to figure out how to create another cure in time to save Jerry. She's surprised to see Anna standing in the lab entrance. Robin rushes to hug her and quickly is distraught when she hears Obrecht's voice taunting her. Obrecht peels off her mask, laughing. Robin wants to know what Obrecht's new plan is. Obrecht needed the mask to procure someone. Suddenly, Faison joins them. Robin asks him to stay away as Obrecht introduces him to his grandson. He's happy to be there but wishes it wasn't at Anna's expense. Robin's concerned for Anna but realizes her parents are looking for her when Faison lets it slip that Robert's awake. He told Anna she's alive. Faison confirmed it and was willing to bring her to Robin. Obrecht claims Anna has no proof and it's doubtful she believes Faison – Anna will never find Robin. Robin realizes they messed up. Nothing will stop her parents from finding her.

Britt watches her mother's video on Nikolas' plane. He's certain Obrecht could be on Cassadine Island. Britt can't imagine her mother is in Greece but Nikolas believes she needs a base of operation and Cassadine Island meets her and Faison's needs. Britt knows her mother is capable of anything, including breaking Faison out of jail. She realizes Nikolas knows something. He believes something went down at the facility holding Faison. Britt wants to know more about the island. Nikolas shares about his life story growing up on the island and being raised by his uncle until his grandmother pulled a coup. Before landing, Nikolas is notified of Anna's missed call.

In Switzerland, Robert practices using a cane while Mac wonders why he's worried about Anna. Robert is about to tell Mac something when Anna arrives. Mac is eager to help them on whatever case they are working on. Anna needs a minute with Robert alone and Mac leaves. Anna admits there were complications getting to Faison but Robin is alive. She recounts being jumped by Obrecht before she could agree to go with Faison to find Robin. Anna has no leads and isn't sure if Faison was even telling the truth. Robert knows the truth, Robin is alive. She answers a call from Nikolas and surmises Obrecht and Faison are heading there. She orders Nikolas and Britt to stay off the island. Robert won't let Anna leave him behind. He knows Cassadine Island and can get into the compound undetected. She wonders what they'll tell Mac if he leaves in his condition. Mac walks in and wonders what's going on but admits as much as he misses the work, he has to get back to Port Charles. With Mac gone, Anna has no more excuses. Robert's going with her.

On the plane, Britt argues with Nikolas. She doesn't care what Anna told him. She's going to the island to find her son.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Someone pulls a gun on Nikolas and Britt.

Sabrina wants Carlos to be ashamed of himself.

Tracy regrets leaving the doctor on Cassadine Island.

Elizabeth tells Patrick that Robin's not coming back.

Jerry asks Robin for her last words.

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