Fighting For Carly.

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Diane discusses Franco's new work with Ava, Sam offers to help Kiki find someone, and Franco confronts Derek.

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At Michael's apartment, the alarm interrupts his and Kiki's love making. It's time for her to get a job. She considers asking Silas for help. Michael wishes he could take care of her but without access to his trust fund he needs to get a job too.

At Sonny's office, Shawn doesn't know who blew up the shipment but he has a lead on Ava's association to Derek Wells. Sonny's suspicious of their connection knowing they were seen at the pier and wants Shawn to learn more about Derek. Michael arrives as Shawn leaves. Sonny apologizes for keeping Morgan's secret. Michael forgives him. Sonny's glad he and Kiki are well but is concerned about Morgan being with Ava. Michael's shocked that Morgan and Ava's relationship wasn't a one-time thing. Sonny's worried about a possible connection of Ava to a dead mob boss. After Sonny warns Michael to stay away from Ava, Michael asks Sonny for a job. Sonny will consider it after they deal with Carly.

Morgan and Ava kiss passionately at the apartment. Ava thinks about kissing Silas while Morgan imagines he's kissing Kiki. He accidently calls her Kiki before a knock on the door. Diane wants Ava to exhibit Franco's new work in Port Charles or she'll talk to the competition across the street. She needs the signatures of Ava and her partner. Morgan's surprised he doesn't know about Ava moving her gallery to town or that she has a silent partner. Diane's bound by confidentiality and wouldn't breathe a word about Ava's partner. Ava agrees. Before Diane leaves, Morgan asks to hire her to end his marriage.

Carly questions Alexis' personal visit to the Metro Court about her promise to talk to Bobbie about Lucas. She thinks she's there to learn about her date with Derek. Alexis denies there's something going on between them but Carly says it's not what Derek said. They became close during Danny's illness. Carly thinks he's hot and asks Alexis if she wants him when she agrees. Alexis doesn't but Carly admits only going out with him to dig up dirt on Ava Jerome. Alexis is surprised to learn Morgan's with Ava. Carly knows it wasn't a real date but things changed when Franco showed up. Alexis can't believe Carly has a thing for Franco. A delivery arrives for Carly and she hands it to Alexis. It's Lucas' DNA. Alexis doesn't want Sam to know until she knows for sure.

Silas asks Sam for a do-over when she returns his shirt to GH. They're making plans when Kiki arrives. Silas apologizes for leaving her party early but hopes it was a great start to a wonderful life. Kiki confesses it's over. She moved in with her brother-in-law after her husband bedded her mother. She wonders how Silas and Ava ever hooked up. Silas remembers Ava was opening her new gallery and needed her brother's help to bankroll it. Kiki doesn't remember Ava having a brother. Sam offers to help her find out who her uncle is but Kiki can't pay her. She's there looking for a job. Silas agrees to help. After, he thanks Sam for the shirt who suggests he'll have another chance to take it off. Meanwhile, Alexis gives Lucas' DNA to the lab. The tech wants Sam's signature but Alexis lets her know she's a lawyer and has her daughter's permission. Sam overhears and asks, "Permission for what?"

Franco finds Derek boxing at the gym. Derek's certain his visit is about Carly. Franco advises him not to think about seeing Carly and Derek questions jokingly if Franco plans on killing him if he does. They try to explain away the events of their dinner engagements. Franco's 'date' with Diane was an obvious attempt to make Carly jealous. He denies it, and then asks Derek if it worked. Derek thinks Carly might be interested in him and since she's attractive, he might be interested too. Franco wants to know what Derek's price is. Derek doesn't need his money and Carly doesn't need his protection. Derek offers a wager - they will box to decide who backs off of Carly. Shawn overhears the exchange nearby and watches as they get in the ring before leaving. Franco and Derek bait each other between blows. Later Carly shows up and demands to know what Franco is doing. Derek knocks him out.

Shawn returns to Sonny's to alert him that Franco and Derek are fighting at the gym. Kiki meets Michael there and Sonny overhears her tell Michael that Ava has a brother.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny considers that Julian Jerome is alive.

Franco wants to kiss Carly.

Carly wants Morgan away from Ava.

Morgan needs Diane's help

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