Moment Of Truth.

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Luke's condition worsens, Anna sees her double, and Britt confesses something private to Nik.

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At the Metro Court, Duke can't believe the vision Olivia had of Faison kissing Anna. It's insane…Anna would never let that happen, but with Faison, anything is possible.

In a Switzerland prison, Faison can't believe Anna kissed him back. He knew she'd fall in love with him after he gave her Robin back. Suddenly, Faison looks on in horror as Obrecht removes a mask. "I'm not Anna!" She's sorry to disappoint him. Faison's disgusted with her pretending to be Anna. Obrecht took a page from his playbook and taunts him for masquerading around as Duke Lavery. She holds back tears as he reminds her that she's not Anna. Feeling his lips on her is not the only reason she's there. She has given him something that Anna couldn't – a grandson. They will christen him as Cesar after he meets him. He doesn't believe she will bring a baby there. She won't. Obrecht plans to take him to the baby. He thinks she's mad, she can't march him out of here. Obrecht holds the mask, "No, but Anna can." Outside, Anna's confused when the guard notes that the visitor log claims she's with Faison now. She needs to see who's with Faison but the guard stops her. He'll check on it. Anna takes a call from Duke. He describes Olivia's vision to her. She finds that ridiculous and he agrees, knowing she's with Robert. Anna admits there's been a complication and she's trying to see Faison. The guard returns certain that Anna's seen him already. She assures him there's only one of her and walks over to the door. Obrecht comes out wearing Anna's face.

At Wyndemere, Britt's upset when she learns Anna has left Port Charles without finding her son. Nik doesn't think Britt's crazy, she's a mother worried for her child. Britt can't blame Anna. It's her mother who is responsible for her nightmare. She's never acted like a mother, or like she's had a heart. It's her mother's fault that Anna can't be there to help her. While checking leads on her laptop, Britt notices she's received an email from her mother. She opens Obrecht's video of Ben. He's okay. Nik prompts her to think of where Obrecht is. Britt recalls something. Her mother went to see Faison. Nik's confused and Britt confesses he's her father.

On Cassadine Island, Robin calls Jerry into the lab and produces the cure. She's held up her end of the bargain and wants to go. Jerry's not sure that she's not trying to kill him. Robin doesn't know how she can prove it but he does. He'll give it to someone else first. Robin wants to take it but that won't be necessary. Jerry confesses he has a patient with polonium poisoning upstairs. Robin tests Jerry's blood and leaves his jacket behind when he leaves. Alone, Robin finds Jerry's phone in his jacket and tries to get a signal. Upstairs, Luke wakes up delusional and snaps at Tracy to get away from him in his fevered state. His visions are so real and he explains Helena was ready to push him into the abyss. Tracy won't let Helena take him on her watch. He'd like to see her fight the dragon lady. Tracy's worried about Jerry and wants to get the jump on him to fix Luke up. Luke doesn't think he's going to make it that long. He compliments her on being his perfect soul mate and she wants him to stop. There's no need to thank her. He's not trying to thank Tracy. He loves her. Tracy doesn't want him to give up. She argues that he should stop pretending, it's not convincing coming from a man on his deathbed. Luke promises if he lives through this, he'll return home with her. Jerry comes in and Tracy sneaks out. It's Jerry's moment of truth. He prepares the syringe. With a gun pointed at Jerry's back she demands he hand it over.

Patrick looks at plane tickets in his office and thinks about Robin. He jumps up and they drop to the floor when Sabrina comes in. She helps pick them up and sees two tickets to Paris. Patrick stumbles on his words when she asks if she's ruined her birthday surprise. The tickets were for him and Robin. She's embarrassed as he tries to explain it's Robin's birthday and tries to leave. Patrick stops her, realizing he's thinking about Robin so much since he's ready to let go. He talks about a future with Sabrina and how they will travel together, but first he needs to do one thing…rip up Robin's tickets. They love each other and kiss. Sabrina says, "Rome," and leaves. Alone, Patrick gets a phone call.

Back at the Metro Court, Duke relays the news to Olivia that Anna is visiting Faison.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jerry asks Tracy to put the gun down.

Nik consoles Britt.

Anna and Obrecht fight over a gun.

Sabrina complains to Felix about not moving forward with Patrick.

Robin tells Patrick it's her.

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