Find Obrecht, Find Robin.

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Derek finds Ava alone with Morgan, Tracy attempts to help Luke on Cassadine Island, and Anna sorts things out with Robert.

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On Cassadine Island, Luke's surprised when Tracy enters his room disguised as a guard. She explains Olivia's vision of him in a casket calling 'Spanx' to help him. He's impressed but not eager to leave with her. She doesn't want him to be a guinea pig for a madman. Luke won't leave empty handed but tries to dissuade her from getting the cure on her own. She boasts that Jerry hasn't caught her yet and leaves. Meanwhile, Robin opens the lab door with Obrecht's finger before grabbing Ben to leave. Jerry stops her at the next exit door. Robin refuses to let him near the baby and places her hand on the cryo-chamber reactivation button. She threatens to send the lab into a deep freeze, destroying all the research. Jerry reminds her about Obrecht. He doesn't think she's desperate to take someone's life and dares her. Robin pushes the button but is surprised when nothing happens. The cryogenics lab was moved to make room for Robin's work. Suddenly, Obrecht rushes out looking for her grandson. Jerry thinks she's lucky he was there to stop Robin. Tracy approaches and stays hidden as Jerry sends Robin back to work, ignoring Obrecht's plea to kill Robin. She believes she can complete the research but Jerry will deal with Robin. Obrecht agrees…she needs to see Faison. Tracy returns to Luke's room to wait for Jerry to bring the cure to them.

In Switzerland, Anna thinks Robert is disorientated but he knows he's seen Robin – she's alive. Anna wants him to stop. He'll only make things worse when he has to face the truth. Robert goes over with her what happened again but Anna doesn't believe it's possible. She wonders if Faison faked Robin's death and remembers someone being onto him. It must have been Robin. Robert sees the look in her eyes. He knows she can feel it in her gut. She doesn't want grief to cloud her judgment. Robert knows the truth and can prove it. If she can find Obrecht, she'll find their daughter. Obrecht's trail is cold…Anna needs to talk to Faison. Robert doesn't want her to go alone but she stops him. They both agree to tell no one until they know for sure that Robin is alive.

Metro Court security tells Derek about Ava leaving with a young kid when he can't find her. He calls and leaves a message eager to track her down so they can take care of business.

Someone knocks at Ava's apartment. She and Morgan are hesitant to answer, thinking it's Carly. They're relieved to find the moving men. She's taken aback when they think Morgan is her son but Morgan quickly takes her mind off of her age and they make out. Morgan leaves to shower before Derek arrives banging on the door. It's not a good time for Ava. He doesn't care about her boyfriend he just wants to make sure she hasn't forgotten they have Sonny to deal with. Morgan interrupts, looking for shampoo and Derek asks how Sonny's doing after the loss of Connie. Morgan doesn't care. Alone with Ava, Derek laughs that she's shacking up with Sonny's kid. He advises that she keep up the good work before leaving. Later, Morgan remembers part of Ava and Derek's conversation and asks why an art buyer would be interested in Sonny.

Carly finds Shawn with Sonny at the office trying to figure out who attacked their shipment. She's there to discuss Morgan. Sonny can't help Morgan, he doesn't understand Sonny. Carly clarifies that Morgan doesn't understand how Sonny's illness affects him. She doesn't want him to buy into Morgan's pity-party. They love both their sons the same, even if they treat them differently, they need to find Morgan. Sonny doesn’t know where he is but Carly knows who he's with – Ava. She's seduced their son and the relationship has to end. Sonny wants them to play this smart as to not push Morgan away further. Before Carly leaves she asks about his business with Shawn. Sonny hopes to give Derek a headline so everyone knows who the boss in Port Charles is. After, Sonny asks Shawn to personally track down Ava. Shawn returns later with news on where Morgan and Ava are.

Carly visits Derek in his room at the Metro Court. She needs his help to find Ava.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Dante and Lulu seek legal advice.

Olivia confronts Maxie and Spinelli.

Franco tries to stop Heather from doing something in his room.

Carly wants Derek's help to find Ava.

Morgan tells Sonny he's not his father.

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