Back Off.

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Mac and Anna visit Robert in Switzerland, Luke finds out why Jerry hasn't killed him, and Sabrina confronts Carlos.

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Anna converses with Duke from Lucerne Switzerland while she and Mac wait to see Robert. Mac calls her in and Robert greets her. He's been under for almost a year and doesn't remember a woman named Obrecht. He remembers Faison masquerading as Duke while holding Anna but doesn't recall finding Duke alive. There's something vitally important that he wanted to tell Anna before he went unconscious. He wants her help to figure it out so she recounts everything that happened after they found Duke together and mentions how Robert ran toward arguing voices. When Anna caught up to Robert she remembers him telling her that they needed to find 'her'. She asks if it was Obrecht but Robert doesn't think so. He wants to go through events again but Anna wants him to rest. He closes his eyes and remembers Obrecht struggling with Robin. Anna stops at the door when he sits up saying, "Oh my God." Robert grabs her arm and relays how Obrecht wasn't alone…she was with their daughter. Robin is alive.

Alexis meets Duke at Kelly's eager to learn more about Julian Jerome. Duke doesn't think she's overreacting about wanting to know if Julian Jerome is Sam's father and he shows her Julian's picture. Alexis isn't sure it's him. Duke thinks there's a way to confirm it – they can do a DNA test with Julian's son, Lucas Jones.

At GH, Sabrina alerts Patrick about the kidnapping news on TV and feels bad for Britt before receiving roses from Carlos. Patrick wants it to stop and she promises to handle it and leaves. Sam arrives thankful for all Patrick got her through and wants to do something for him. He jokes that she could get rid of Carlos and confesses his struggle leading up to take off his wedding ring. She knows Robin would want him to be happy. Patrick admits it's hard to move on. Sam knows and shows him her ring. He congratulates her on her son going home and gives her Sabrina's roses from Carlos. Alone, Patrick remembers marrying Robin.

At Crimson, Derek reads an old newspaper clipping about Julian Jerome being questioned in a warehouse shooting. Carlos interrupts asking if something's wrong. Derek agrees he's playing a dangerous game now that Duke has Alexis thinking Julian Jerome is Sam's father. Carlos wants to handle it but Derek's not ready for Duke to know yet. Sabrina interrupts and asks Carlos to back off. Derek leaves them and Carlos attempts to convince Sabrina that Patrick's not the man for her but she announces he took his wedding ring off. Carlos is relentless but Sabrina begs him to stop with the flowers. She's the love of Carlos' life, can Patrick say the same? Sabrina says goodbye and Carlos promises to be there when Patrick breaks her heart.

Sam bumps into Derek while leaving GH. He's looking for her Alexis and Sam had the feeling she was busy looking into something.

On Cassadine Island, Robin talks with Ben about her dreams of having a son with Patrick. Obrecht comes to visit Ben and ignores Robin's questions. She should be thanking Obrecht for not killing her; she's only alive to save Jerry's life. Robin credits her father for her being alive and believes he would have stopped Obrecht if he wasn't distracted after the shock of seeing her. Robin hopes someday her father will wake up and tell her mother she's alive. Obrecht believes it's likely Robert won't remember anything. Robin's interested in what she's doing with the baby. He's important to Obrecht even if his father isn't. Robin can't believe anything she says, but considers Patrick could be losing his mind with worry. Obrecht reminds her she's been replaced by Sabrina and notes how she used Robin to get to Patrick. She paints a disturbing picture of Sabrina manipulating Emma and stealing her family. Robin blames Obrecht not Sabrina or Britt. She feels sorry for Obrecht's daughter. Obrecht leaves Robin to her work to see someone she loves as much as Robin loves Patrick. Robin pretends to discover something and knocks Obrecht out when she looks in the microscope. Robin announces she's ready to go home. In the house, a guard notifies Jerry that Anna Donnelly called when he brings food to Luke's room. Jerry's not sure he should share the elixir with her father after she sent Luke his way. Jerry wakes Luke up who wonders why he hasn't been killed yet. Jerry needs Luke alive to be a guinea pig. He's worried the doctor might try to kill him. Luke inquires what Jerry will do with the doctor when he's through.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly tells Sonny that Ava seduced their son.

Derek reminds Ava they still have Sonny to take care of.

Tracy surprises Luke.

Anna thinks Robert's confused.

Jerry dares Robin to leave with the baby.

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