Diamond In The Rough.

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Maxie and Spinelli consider their options, Kiki stays with Michael, and Franco receives bad news.

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Dante comes home with Lulu who rushes to take Connie from Olivia. Olivia hopes Brad was lying, but Dante admits he wasn't. The baby is Maxie and Spinelli's. Olivia understands her vision in hindsight when Dante explains everything. Lulu should have known Maxie couldn't be trusted. Dante wants to figure out how to handle this but Lulu thinks nothing's changed. If Spinelli and Maxie think they're taking Connie away from them, they have another think coming. Privately, Dante cries over Connie, knowing that things might change. Olivia wonders if Lulu could really keep a baby that doesn't belong to her as Dante remembers waiting for nine months. She leaves Dante to sort things out with Lulu. Alone, they hold each other and cry. She thinks what Olivia said is wrong – no one is taking Connie from them. Dante looks at Lulu with concern.

Maxie apologizes to Spinelli. That can wait until later as he wonders what to do now. Maxie believes she lost her best friend and blames herself for destroying Spinelli's relationship with Ellie. He knows Ellie made her own decisions and considers how things will change now that Dante and Lulu know. They might not want the baby now. Taking the baby back might make Dante and Lulu hate them more but Spinelli admits sitting through the christening was hard. Maxie felt the same. They love her and want to raise her but Maxie doesn't know if they can do that.

At his apartment, Michael asks Kiki what they should do. She considers asking Franco for help since she doesn't know Silas well enough yet. Michael doesn't want her staying with a serial killer and tells her to stay with him. Kiki's technically married and doesn't want that but Michael knows having her there feels right. They shouldn't worry about what others think. She agrees and they kiss. He knows she still might feel guilty and believes they can be roommates until she is ready for an intimate relationship. Kiki points out he has more to lose and he knows he can handle it. She decides to show him how much she loves him and they make love. She wants them to stay there forever to escape the mess that is her life. He wishes they could but at least whatever they face, they can face together.

Carly wants her security team to locate Ava when they find her room empty at the Metro Court. Franco joins them before Carly leaves Morgan a message to call ASAP. She decides to kick Franco out since Ava's not there. He's working on a lot in his room and wants to show her himself. She accepts his invitation and asks for her money when she gets there. He shows her the paintings that will pay his way but she thinks they're ugly. Franco's certain his art dealer, Sebastian, will think otherwise but Sebastian concurs with Carly. Before leaving Sebastian finds something he can work with – Heather Webber's striped painting. He accuses Franco of hiding this diamond in the rough and knows if Franco can give him more then they'll be in business. Franco is disheartened about the turn of events so Carly suggests he paint more of those to get the money he needs, then he can paint his passion. She wishes him luck before leaving, and he knows he'll need it. Alone, he makes a call to Heather. Outside, Carly leaves Morgan another message to call.

Ava and Morgan bring luggage into her new apartment. She couldn't give Carly the pleasure of kicking her out. Morgan ignores a call from Carly as Ava admits being amused by her performance at the Metro Court. Morgan was more amused about how Michael and Kiki took it. Ava never saw Kiki so angry. Morgan doesn't care and complains she's a 'lying bitch' who would sleep with anyone. Ava grabs his arm and warns him not to ever talk that way about her daughter. He's turned on and is ready to order food before they go to bed. Ava wants a relationship with Kiki and wants him to go home. He has no place to go and everyone will be taking Michael's side. Ava's the only person he has left and he tries to convince her to stay. Ava loves Silas and Morgan loves Kiki…but he feels better with Ava. They make love and later she can't believe they did it again. He thinks they can keep it up until it stops hurting.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Robin's curious about Dr. Westbourne's appearance at the Nurses' Ball.

Emma asks Patrick where his wedding ring is.

Anna knows Obrecht isn't working alone.

Jerry gets angry with Obrecht.

Maxie tells Mac and Felicia the truth about Connie.

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