Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Ben is kidnapped, Jerry gives Robin a surprise, and Maxie tells Dante and Lulu the truth.

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On Cassadine Island, Jerry interrupts Robin's work and hopes she's making progress. To ensure she's working at optimum speed he offers an incentive – the DVD of the 2013 Nurses' Ball. Robin's surprised there was funding and Jerry confesses he funded it. He drops some headliner names before playing Patrick's speech. Robin cries at seeing him with Emma before Jerry fast-forwards to Sabrina who is the new woman in Patrick's life. Jerry notes that it's quite serious…she'd better hurry up and find that cure. Alone Robin swears to Patrick that she's coming.

At the church, Lulu realizes Connie is Maxie's baby and Spinelli confirms he is the father. Maxie confesses how she miscarried but felt she owed them a baby. She wanted Dr. Westbourne to implant another embryo but found out she was already pregnant. Lulu confronts the fact that all her worries during the pregnancy were meaningless since their dream was already gone. She asks, "How could you do this?" Maxie wanted to make good on her promise but everything she says is coming out wrong. Maxie relays that Spinelli didn't know until after Connie was born. Dante doesn't know how Spinelli could give his child away and Lulu can't understand how Maxie could lie about it for this long. Maxie gave up Connie because Lulu is her best friend. Lulu slaps her – she's selfish and cares for no one but herself. Maxie was desperate to help but Lulu doesn't believe that. She wants Dante to get her out of there so she can never see Maxie's face again. Spinelli and Maxie hold on to each other.

Nikolas wakes Britt after finding her on the floor at Wyndemere and asks her who is responsible. Britt blames her mother and then realizes Ben is gone. She stops him from calling Anna, thinking Anna hates her. He knows Anna will do her job and takes his phone back.

Duke and Anna meet at Kelly's where she confesses her inability to move past Robin's death. She wonders how she can give Patrick advice. Duke listens as Anna grieves over her loss. She can't believe Robin's not alive – she feels as if she's alive. He wants to play hooky for the day and do whatever Anna wants but she has too much to do, like look for Dr. Obrecht. Outside she receives Nikolas' call and immediately puts out an APB on Obrecht for kidnapping.

Alexis visits Derek at Crimson in hopes of finding Julian Jerome. Derek claims he doesn't know of him and wonders why a dead guy invades her thoughts. She divulges the information about someone blaming Julian for the explosion at the docks and believes Derek can help. Alexis believes this man is Sam's father. He speculates what difference it makes if he's dead. It's gnawing at her and she needs to know if Julian Jerome is really Sam's father. Derek offers to make some inquiries. Alexis offers to take him out to dinner for his favors, saving Danny and finding Julian Jerome. Duke interrupts, mentioning he can help her get information on Julian Jerome – he went to Dartmouth. Duke leaves them before Alexis questions whether she had another kid with a mobster.

At Patrick's, Sabrina wants to know what he wants to tell her about Robin. Patrick admits he can't accept she's gone. Sabrina remembers her mom and knows the love never goes away – it shouldn't. He recognizes he's still wearing the ring and holding onto a fantasy that she might still be alive. Sabrina blames Carlos for Patrick's turmoil but it gives him pause. Carlos asked a fair question about what Patrick feels for Sabrina. Sabrina wonders too. She's the kindest person he ever met and he's been making excuses. He's always going to love Robin but it's time for him to let his old life go. He's ready to live now with Sabrina. They kiss, and then Patrick takes off his wedding ring and puts it away on the mantle.

Anna investigates the kidnapping at Wyndemere and wonders if Obrecht taking Ben has something to do with Britt passing the baby off as Patrick's. She needs to know everything Britt knows to find her baby.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lulu considers keeping Connie.

Spinelli asks Maxie what they will do now.

Ava threatens Morgan.

Michael wants Kiki to stay with him.

Franco invites Carly back to his place.

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