I Told The Truth.

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Patrick deals with his feelings for Robin, Brad causes a scene at the christening, and Britt warns her mother to leave.

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Jerry Jacks approaches a fallen Luke Spencer in the underground complex of Cassadine Island. Luke's glad Jerry's alive and glibly thanks him for poisoning the water supply in Port Charles. Jerry offers to make it up to him with a cure for polonium poisoning when he realizes Luke's there for the same cure – Helena infected Luke as the Vulcan infected him. He shares his relationship with Faison and Obrecht. After Faison extorted money from him and Obrecht helped him as long as she could, she had to find another doctor to work on the cure. Luke's eager to know more and Jerry points out the doctor is right behind that door. He's hoping there's enough cure for the whole class but Jerry disappoints him. There's only enough cure for one. Luke didn't come all this way to die here. Jerry calls his guard to take him away then and waves bye as he goes into the other room and tells Robin he's been singing her praises.

Anna discusses her open cases with Patrick at Kelly's and notes she's eager to find Obrecht who's dropped off the grid. Patrick recounts how he found out Britt's baby wasn't. He's ready to focus on his loved ones but is worried about his relationship with Sabrina now that her ex is in town. Patrick doesn't like Carlos and admits being upset about how Carlos pointed out that he's still wearing his wedding ring. Anna wonders why he is as well. He knows Robin would want him to be happy but he can't let her go. Alone outside, Anna phones in looking for any new leads on Obrecht.

Britt's surprised to find her mother holding Ben at Wyndemere and reminds her she's a wanted criminal. No one will stand in her way…she'd do anything to see her grandbaby. Britt takes her baby back, and then listens to her mother chastise her for her figure and the baby's name – Ben. Obrecht wonders when Patrick will be tossing Sabrina aside but Britt confesses she told Patrick he isn't the father. She stops Obrecht from hitting her and wants her to leave before she calls the cops. If she doesn't, Nik will when he finds her there. If that's so then Obrecht decides she doesn't have much time. Britt wonders, "For what?"

After the christening at the church, Spinelli and Maxie look worried when Brad announces he needs to speak to Lulu and Dante about the baby. Everyone's arguing about Brad's reason for being there when Olivia questions if they are talking about Britt's baby or Lulu and Dante's baby. Dante remembers their encounter at the hospital and thinks it's about Britt's baby but Brad corrects him…it's about this baby. Before Lulu can worry more about his being there as the lab manager, Brad blurts out that it's not their baby – she's Maxie's. Lulu claims he's confused but Brad admits overhearing Spinelli telling Maxie how no one would ever know they are the baby's biological parents. Spinelli and Maxie try to make it out that Brad is lying – and Brad asks God to strike him dead if he is lying and leaves. Dante has reservations as everyone else tries to calm themselves. He stops Spinelli and Maxie from leaving and asks about Spinelli's argument with Ellie about the baby. Nik remembers Spinelli crying outside the baby's room and then leaves when he's cut off from Britt's call. Dante asks Olivia to take the baby and she leaves with Connie. Lulu thinks this is crazy but Dante's not convinced and decides they will stay there until they find out what Spinelli and Maxie is keeping from them. Lulu demands that Maxie tell them. Maxie wants to leave and forget this all happened. Lulu remembers all the times Maxie tried to tell her the truth and says, "Oh my God, she is your baby."

At GH, Sabrina catches Felix mooning over 'Brad the Cad' while he's eating the chocolate covered cherries. She lists all the reasons Brad shouldn't be the one. Felix agrees but is curious about Brad running off to do the right thing. It's just smoke and mirrors to Sabrina – Felix shouldn't trust Brad. Something isn't right, he can't figure why Britt chose Brad. He asks her about Carlos. Sabrina confirms he found her, and that he's her ex. Felix listens to her concerns about Patrick wearing his wedding ring – since Carlos mentioned it, she can't stop thinking about it. Brad interrupts, announcing he's the new 'King of Honesty' – he told Dante and Lulu the truth. Meanwhile, Patrick wants a second in private with Sabrina to talk about Robin.

At Wyndemere, Nik finds Britt passed out on the floor.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Britt tells Nik her mother did this to her.

Sabrina wants to know what Patrick has to tell her about Robin.

Jerry has brought Robin a little incentive.

Alexis looks to Derek Wells for information on Julian Jerome.

Dante gets angry with Maxie.

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