Do The Right Thing.

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Luke is led to Cassadine Island, Olivia interacts with a vision, and Brad wants to do the right thing.

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At Wyndemere, Britt listens to Nikolas talking to Ben. He needs to get ready for Connie's christening and Britt notes it's a big day for his family, but for Maxie, not so much. Alone, Britt confides to Ben how she hates allowing him to go to a christening for a baby that isn't really a family member. He interrupts wanting to know what she doesn't want to lie to him about. She lies and claims her mother called…she wishes she told him. He agrees she should have. He hugs her, promising to check in later. She thinks it's nice having someone care. He wants her to get used to it. Later, Britt's surprised to find Dr. Obrecht holding Ben.

Outside Kelly's, Spinelli knows as godfather he will be an integral part of Connie's life – is that something Dante and Lulu really want? Ellie overhears Dante ask, "Why wouldn't we want you to be Connie's godfather?" He knows Spinelli will always be there. Ellie steps in as Dante leaves and questions if Spinelli is really going to be his own daughter's godfather. He won't leave Dante hanging, but is doing this for himself.

Brad has something for Felix and chases him down at GH. Felix doesn't accept gifts from deadbeat dads but Brad offers Felix his favorite chocolate covered cherries. Felix asks, "What's the catch?" There isn't one. Brad wants to do something nice since they shared a human connection the other day. He admits they did but doesn't know if Brad can ever do the right thing. Ellie comes in, apologizing for running late because she saw Connie before the christening. The news gives Brad pause and he leaves her the box of chocolates and rushes out. When Felix returns he's surprised she's eating the chocolates and learns Brad left to do the right thing.

Tracy stops by the Falconeri's with gifts and is disturbed that Dante's out procuring Spinelli as godfather. She promises Luke will be home post haste but Lulu confesses knowing that Luke's dying. Tracy apologizes for lying and Lulu worries that he won't come home. Tracy doesn't think Luke will let Helena have the last laugh. Luke may be a jerk leaving them hanging but Lulu wants him to be her daughter's jerk too. She has no one with her father missing and her mother out of town. Tracy reminds Lulu that she has her. Dante comes in with Connie and Tracy's surprised she can't see Luke in Connie's face.

On Cassadine Island, Luke fights off an attacker, and then takes a call from Hollie. He wants her to stay close to Robert but thanks her for her lead and hangs up. He steals his victim's gun before using the man's thumb to open the electronic lock. Inside he shoots a guard and calls for Jerry Jacks. Helena Cassadine walks in asking Luke if he thinks Jerry Jack can fill her shoes. He thinks he's hallucinating – he killed that 'bitch'. She agrees and asks 'if I'm dead, what does that make you'? She promises he'll be dead soon enough unless he bargains with her. He needs to die to keep from dying or be her slave…she won't take no for an answer. He collapses yelling that he's not going to join her. He looks up as someone approaches and says, "You?"

Maxie thanks God at church for not smiting her and wants strength to let her daughter go. She doesn't realize Olivia's listening in. Olivia doesn't expect an explanation; she heard Maxie's having a hard time. Things will be okay as long as Maxie doesn't stab Lulu in the back like in her vision. Olivia gets distracted trying to figure out what kind of dog she used to see in her other vision. Maxie whispers jackal and excuses herself when Tracy arrives. All of a sudden Olivia screams and points to the front of the church where she sees Luke in a casket. Tracy can't see anything and Olivia tries to tell Tracy she doesn't want to know who's in the casket but admits it's Luke. Tracy makes her take a pulse and Luke's eyes open. Olivia listens closely and says "Luke needs spanx." Outside, Maxie bumps into Spinelli. They're both surprised they are going to be Connie's godparents. As guests arrive, Tracy explains to Lulu that she'll be leaving for business after the ceremony. Later, Brad comes in during the christening. Spinelli wonders why he's there and he asks to speak with Dante and Lulu.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick's worried about his relationship with Sabrina.

Sabrina tells Felix about Carlos wanting her back.

Dr. Obrecht tries to slap Britt.

Dante and Lulu wonder what Brad has to tell them about Connie.

Luke recognizes someone.

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