Yes We Did.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Carly attacks Ava, Michael and Kiki make plans, and Diane wants to help Franco.

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At the apartment, Dante hopes Connie's christening will keep Olivia's mind off of everything. He thinks otherwise when he sees the newspaper headline - 'Trouble Percolates For Corinthos & Co'. Olivia brings Connie's christening dress over and advises Dante not to bother Sonny with the news. He has enough to worry about after Morgan's wedding party. Sonny's back on his meds, he doesn't need to know someone's gunning for him. Olivia's sorry that Luke can't be there but is thankful at least the Godparents will be. She's upset when Dante divulges they haven't picked the Godparents yet.

Derek reads the newspaper at Kelly's, pleased at the results of Carlos' work at the pier. He calls Carlos and both gloat at their success but wonder if Sonny got the message. Alexis approaches, remarking, "Someone's proud of their handiwork." She wonders if he likes being the town crier for others' bad news. He thinks she likes to play down and dirty like the rest of them given her past with Corinthos. She warns him to proceed with caution. Shawn serves them and Derek offers his condolences for what happened at the docks. Shawn's confused as Derek apologizes for his choice of words. He knows Shawn's history from Alexis. Alexis chases Shawn into the kitchen and is sorry she shared her personal life during a vulnerable time at the hospital while worrying about Danny. While alone, Shawn thinks they know who is responsible for the explosion – a dead guy named Julian Jerome.

At GH, Carlos gets off the phone with Derek and overhears Patrick wanting Sabrina to tell him not to worry about her ex-boyfriend. He shouldn't. Carlos is the same as he was when she left him – besides, he probably left Port Charles already. Later, she finds Carlos waiting in an exam room. He promises he's not there to get her back, he needs treatment. She wants a doctor to look at it, but he wants her. Patrick walks in as he moves in for a kiss.

At the Metro Court, Franco tosses Heather's painting aside and remembers how she ruined things for him with Carly. Diane passes Carly in the hall looking for Franco's room. Carly gives her directions and mentions it's time for her client to pay his bill. Diane compliments him on his physique when she finds him before breaking the news that he's being sued and his assets are frozen. He doesn't know how he's going to live so Diane suggests he sell Heather's striped painting. He admits it's not his and she encourages him to create more of his own art. He agrees…if she gives him $7,200 for supplies. Michael and Kiki wake up in the restaurant when the janitor shows up, commenting that newlyweds spend their night in the honeymoon suite. Kiki says, "He's not my husband." Alone, they can't believe what Sonny did. Michael's glad it's over but worries Kiki is having regrets. She isn't, but she's worried about Morgan and realizes she has no place to live. Michael invites her to move in. She's hesitant – what would people think? They have to do this right, she will go to her mom's first. He worries Ava might take advantage of her again. She won't let that happen, but Ava doesn't answer her phone when Kiki calls. Michael offers to get her a key to Ava's room and will help her get her stuff at Sonny's. Morgan and Ava wake up in her room and both accept that they did it. She wonders what Carly would think if she found him there when there's a knock on the door and Carly calls out. Ava begs Morgan to get dressed but he refuses to hide from his mother. Carly's not afraid to use her master key and comes in after Morgan's hidden. Carly blames Ava for Sonny's troubles and getting him off of his lithium. It's the reason he broke Morgan's heart and ruined the wedding party. Ava announces the marriage is over. Carly inquires how when there's a bang from the other room. Ava says it's nothing but Carly thinks she knows who it is…Franco. She wants him to have the guts to face her but is surprised when Morgan comes out. Carly grasps at straws hoping it's the same as when she found Michael with Brenda. It's not, so she attacks Ava for being a predator. Morgan confesses he wanted to sleep with Ava and refuses to leave. Carly promises he'll have a front row seat when Ava's thrown out. Alone, Morgan offers to stick by Ava as he undresses her. Shortly, Michael and Kiki walk in as they start having sex again. In the hall, Carly bumps into Franco while she's on the phone with hotel security.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie's worried about the baby.

Spinelli asks Dante if the baby is sick.

Carlos wonders why Patrick is still wearing his wedding ring.

Kiki wants to know what Morgan's doing.

Franco makes Carly an offer.

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