Dead To Me.

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Maxie shares her feelings with Spinelli, Morgan turns to Ava for help, and Carly confronts Sonny about being off his meds.

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At the Falconeri's, Dante and Lulu fuss over Connie. Dante calms her crying with a bottle while Lulu videotapes the moment. After putting her down they try to make love until Connie starts crying. They get up and start the routine to calm her all over again. Dante believes she wants to be somewhere else. All three of them get in bed together.

Maxie grabs a baseball bat and hits Spinelli on the head when he sneaks into the apartment. He didn't have to sneak in – Ellie's working late. Spinelli wasn't trying to avoid Ellie; he was avoiding her after her deceit. Now he has to watch Dante and Lulu raise his child. The pain is constant. Maxie hurts too and hates that she hurt him. He doesn't believe her but she reminds him about all the family that left her behind. He asks, "What about Lulu?" They are both her best friends and she had to choose one of them over the other. She couldn't tell Lulu that she lost the baby that night; there's no turning back. Maxie will be sorry for the rest of her life. He hates what she did, but he doesn't hate her.

Outside Danny's room, Silas reminds Sam they were supposed to have dinner together and presents food from the Floating Rib for a picnic. Sam's interested in knowing more about Silas and wonders if there is something in his past that could hurt her. Silas points out that Ava's earlier comments were her ay of lashing out after he disappointed her. There was nothing to what she said. Danny awakes and Sam goes to him.

Ava's having a drink in her room at the Metro Court pining over Silas when Morgan arrives. His marriage is over and he has nowhere to go. She thinks he should be with his wife but Morgan joins her for a drink instead, believing Kiki wants Michael now. He didn't create this problem and is angry he's lost everything because of one lie. His whole family is a bunch of hypocrites, especially Sonny. Ava wants him to give Sonny a chance to explain. He already did even though Michael is not his blood. Michael's first, Michael's best, and he deserves Kiki. Morgan decides Sonny's dead to him. Ava admits he has every right to be mad at his father but his father loves him – he shouldn't write him off. Morgan's been double-crossed and now his brother is with his wife 'doing who knows what'. Ava mentions the same is happening between her and Silas. She puts her hand on Morgan's knee and says, "You're not alone." Morgan's happy that Ava gets him; she's always been on his side. He has nobody, and neither does she. They kiss. She slaps him wondering what he's doing. He doesn't know or care and kisses her again and they undress. In the restaurant, Kiki's certain Morgan is not in the mood to talk after Michael leaves him a message to call. Michael tries to figure out why Sonny told the truth now. Kiki think she understands what Sonny did and admits they all lied. The truth is she loves Michael more. He knows exactly what she means – he loves her too. Now there is nothing standing in their way. Kiki disagrees. They're not free and she doesn't see how they can be together. Michael believes there are ways to fix this but Kiki doesn't want to come between him and his brother. Michael refuses to lose either of them. She warns him he's risking a lot. There'll be obstacles but he wants a chance. Kiki quickly says yes and kisses him. They wonder how they will do this. They don't have to decide now. Tonight is just for them.

At home, Sonny's not in the mood to listen to Carly. She knows why he's out of control and is angry for him lashing out and hurting their sons in a room full of people. Sonny wants Carly to get out of his face unless she's ready to thank him for what he did like she wanted. Carly wanted him to fix things week ago, not now, not this way. She knows this wasn't a choice - he did this because he's off his meds. It's not about the pills, chaos is a part of his life and he wants to find the darkness. Carly yells, "It is about the pills…don't you want to be in control?" He doesn't. The drugs would make it too easy for him to live without Connie. He wants the pain. Carly doesn't think Connie would want this – it's a disservice to her memory and to his family. He takes his medicine.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly bumps into Franco.

Shawn confronts Derek.

Patrick catches Carlo with Sabrina.

Michael invites Kiki to move in with him.

Ava and Morgan wake up together with someone at the door.

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