Dangerous Game.

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Duke and Carlos meet, Sonny tries to explain what he did to Morgan, and Kiki is hung up on Morgan's lie.

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Patrick shares a glass of wine with Sabrina at home. She admits her friend found her there. Patrick asks if he's her ex-boyfriend from Puerto Rico. Sabrina confirms he is and there's more to it – Carlos wants her back. Patrick wants all the details but Sabrina thinks it doesn't matter, Carlos was just there one moment and kissing her the next. Patrick wonders if he'll need to fight a duel but Sabrina's tells Patrick it's over despite remember Carlos' promise to not give up. She takes Patrick to bed to prove he has no reason to be jealous.

At the pier, Carlos accepts Derek's compliment on a job well done and calls himself an 'artist'.

Anna brings Duke lunch at Crimson and is interested knowing more about Derek Wells. Duke believes Derek is scrupulously legitimate. She gets called away on police business and passes Derek and Carlos as they arrive. Carlos jokes, "Where's the fire?" after she leaves. Derek brings him into the office and introduces Carlos as the Operations Manager and Duke as Chief of Staff. Derek has things to finish up and encourages Carlos to get to know Duke. Alone, Derek texts Ava, 'mission accomplished'. Outside, Carlos thinks Duke will like working for Derek but there will be long hours. He compliments him on his 'beautiful woman' Anna who will be waiting for him. Duke inquires if Carlo has someone. Carlos admits letting his woman get away. Later, Carlos thinks Derek is playing a dangerous game by hiring Duke. Derek's not worried about Duke or Anna.

At the Metro Court, Michael turns to Morgan as Carly watches. Tears run down Kiki's face as she listens to Sonny explain what happened before Connie's story ran. Michael yells at Morgan, "You lying son of a bitch." Kiki wonders if that's why Morgan rushed her to the courthouse. Morgan claims Sonny's confused and begs him to tell everyone he's drunk. Sonny tries to make Morgan understand he is doing this for Connie. Kiki pulls Morgan to her. She needs to know from him if he knew she wasn't Michael's cousin. He admits he did and asks Sonny how he could do this. Sonny wants Morgan to know real love like he did with Connie, but Morgan thinks this is about Sonny looking out for his favorite son. Carly, Olivia and Michael try to hold Sonny back after Morgan quips that he thought Connie was the only one with a split personality. Sonny leaves and Michael questions where the brother is that he used to know. Kiki thinks if Morgan loved her, he would have told her the truth. Morgan reminds her they were making a go of it and doesn't want it to end. She's sorry, but she doesn't want to be married to him anymore – what Sonny said is right. Morgan blames Michael but she blames Morgan. Morgan congratulates Michael. He got exactly what he wanted. Silas catches Sam in the lobby. He denies kissing Ava and laughs at her joke that he was taking her DNA sample. Silas wonders what changed her mind into coming. Sam admits Patrick did. Jason would want her to be happy as much as Robin wanted him to be happy. Silas confesses Ava kissed him after wanting to rekindle things. He's not interested and invites Sam back upstairs with him. Ava joins them after eavesdropping and thinks Sam should know something about Silas first. Silas tells Ava to go away, but Ava warns that he has dark secrets that could hurt her. Sam wonders why Ava wants him back then. Silas decides Ava should tell Sam what she needs to know but Ava decides Sam will have to find out on her own. After they leave, Ava cries and smashes a vase to the floor.

Back at the pier, an officer brings Shawn over to Anna. He hands Anna the ship manifest and explains what he saw happen. She speculates that someone was sending Sonny a message and wonders if he knows who it might have been. Shawn admits hearing about a dead guy – Julian Jerome. Unfortunately he can't find the guy that gave him the name. Later, Duke meets Anna. He's not surprised the explosion was intentional.

At Sonny's, Carly thinks Olivia can go; she can handle this. Sonny wants to continue the party and makes a toast, "To the truth, for it will set you free." Olivia sees Shawn on her way out and advises him to leave Sonny to Carly. Inside, Carly wants to talk about what Sonny did to Morgan.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie confronts an intruder.

Sam asks Silas if there is something in his past that could hurt her.

Morgan has no place to go and turns to Ava.

Kiki doesn't think her and Michael can be together.

Sonny thinks Carly should be thanking him.

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