Let's Get This Party Started.

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Friends and family celebrate with the newlyweds, Silas disappoints Sam, and Carlos wants Sabrina back.

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Outside Sonny's, Michael bumps into Carly and surprises her with the news he's going to the party. Inside, Sonny invites Olivia to dance. His party mood catches her off guard. He's not grieving – Connie would have wanted him to do this. Sonny is ready to celebrate life, not death, like Ava said. Olivia steps out when Shawn and Max interrupt and greets Carly coming in. Carly can't believe Sonny's in a good mood, all because of Ava. They both realize they share the same feelings for Ava. In the livingroom, Sonny appears angry, hoping Shawn and Max can handle the shipment on their own. Max looks worried as Sonny chuckles and says, "I'm just playing with you." Shawn and Max seemed relieved as Sonny leaves.

From the pier, Derek phones Sam for an update on Danny and mentions it's his last call now that he's busy taking his business in Port Charles to the next level. He receives a call from Ava wondering if all is proceeding as planned. He confirms it is, and she should enjoy her party. Soon, he overhears Shawn and Max discussing Julian Jerome. Shawn wasn't able to find Vince to ask him more questions.

At GH, Patrick leaves Sabrina a message wondering if her friend from Puerto Rico caught up with her. After, he checks up on Sam who shares her thoughts on Dr. Clay. Things have changed; Silas even invited her to a party. Patrick thinks the real reason she turned Silas down is because of Jason, not Danny. Patrick advises that she take a break from watching Danny.

Carlos kisses Sabrina at Patrick's and waits for her to invite him in so he can tell her about his business in Port Charles. She doesn't want to with Emma sleeping in the other room but he doesn't leave. She's the girl he's in love with but Sabrina doesn't want that. Things are different; she's in love with Patrick. She wants Carlos to finish up his business in town and leave. He leaves and later, Patrick comes home and mentions a friend was looking for her.

Kiki arrives at the Metro Court and asks what Morgan and Ava are hiding. Ava teases her about Morgan's surprise for her later and tells them to get ready. Silas shows up in the middle of Ava's call to Derek and takes the elevator up alone. She plans on having a good time and reminds Derek that Sonny will be occupied all evening. Upstairs, she hopes he understands why she kept Kiki a secret. She hopes they're in the clear now and plans to celebrate him flying solo. Silas wants to get a drink but Ava denies it. He's her co-host. Ava tries to greet Sonny, Carly and Olivia but Sonny loudly works his way to the bar. Carly's certain he's off his meds, but Olivia isn't sure. Michael introduces Penny to his family followed by Ava introducing the happy couple. Michael and Kiki's eyes meet and Penny soon realizes Kiki's the one Michael's caught up on. Ava invites the parents to join the dance. While Ava tries to take a walk down memory lane with Silas, Carly argues with Sonny about not taking care of himself. Later, Silas tells Kiki there are no expectations; he doesn't have to be an instant dad. Michael approaches Kiki and confesses Penny left. Morgan interrupts them and requests that Michael make a toast. Nearby, Carly and Olivia discuss getting Sonny home to take his meds while they watch him flirting with the staff. Ava makes her way back to Silas desperate to connect with him. She believes he must want her too and kisses him. Sam sees from the elevator and leaves as Silas rushes downstairs to catch her. Michael toasts the couple believing Kiki's now the one who can keep Morgan in line. He hopes Morgan realizes how lucky he is. Sonny announces he has a toast. He promised Morgan he wouldn't tell but confesses he knew Kiki wasn't Michael's cousin.

There's an explosion at the docks and Shawn and Max rush away from the scene. When Carlos arrives, Derek compliments him on a job well done.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas argues with Sam.

Patrick asks Sabrina if her friend is her ex.

Derek and Carlos visit Duke.

Shawn gets brought into the PCPD

Michael gets angry at Morgan.

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