A Lot To Lose.

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Sam lets Silas down, Morgan threatens Ava, and Kiki invites Michael to the party.

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At the apartment, Taylor leaves Rafe numerous messages hoping to discuss TJ and Molly. Felix wonders what she's up to when there's a knock at the door. His smile widens when he finds a sexy man looking for Sabrina. The man introduces himself as Carlos Rivera, a friend from Puerto Rico.

Patrick kisses Sabrina at home and is eager to share his gratitude for all she's done. He lets her know about their plans for the evening when Emma wakes up not feeling well. After having no success in finding a sitter, Sabrina offers to stay home so Patrick can work. Alone, Sabrina coaxes Emma to accept her eye drops but Emma's thinking about how her mommy used to make her feel better – Sabrina is not the same.

At GH, Silas ignores an incoming call from Ava and Rafe does the same when Taylor calls. Silas apologizes for trying to take Rafe away from Sam. Rafe's pleased that something is going on between the two of them. Silas admits a lot has changed for him, and now he has a daughter. He encourages Rafe to reach out to her before asking how things are going with Molly. Rafe's disappointed about her getting back with TJ. Nearby, Sam thanks Molly and Nikolas for everything they've done for her and Danny when Nikolas rushes off following Britt. Molly hopes that's not a bad sign when TJ joins them. He kisses her after hearing the good news about her book sales, and Rafe sees them. They share the news and invite him to join them but Rafe excuses himself, disappointed. Meanwhile, Nik catches Britt before she's discharged and wonders where she'll be staying. She plans on going back to Felix and Sabrina's apartment and thanks him for all his help. Nik sees Patrick and lets him know how Britt is doing and where she is staying. Patrick's surprised since Sabrina didn't mention Britt was going back to the apartment. After visiting Danny, Sam sees Silas and he confides how he touched base with Kiki. Sam's pleased and he thanks her for her part in it before inviting her to go with him to Kiki and Morgan's party. She's not ready to leave Danny alone yet so Silas agrees to make a go of it alone. At the nurses' station, Felix learns Sabrina's babysitting Emma when he arrives with Carlos. Carlos is interested in who Patrick is but Felix steps away to have a word with TJ. Privately, Felix tells TJ that Taylor is pining for him. TJ's sorry and promises not to have anything more to do with her. Felix bumps into Nik and laughs at the news that Sabrina's moving back in with them – he doesn't think so.

Kiki's pleased when Michael shows up at Sonny's. He's surprised with the news that Sonny and Ava are throwing Morgan and Kiki a party, but not surprised that he wasn't invited. Kiki is and would like him there. They have to get past what happened and Kiki encourages him to bring a date.

Rafe visits Taylor at the apartment and admits watching TJ and Molly together is driving him insane. He's interested in whatever Taylor has in mind to fix the situation. She warns it may hurt TJ and Molly temporarily but they agree and toast to Taylor's plan – Operation Main Squeeze. Taylor receives a call from Britt looking for a place to stay. Taylor's sorry. She can't help her now that things are good between her and Felix.

Back at GH, Taylor invites Molly and TJ on a double date and kisses Rafe when he arrives. Elsewhere, Nik finds Britt and lets her know it's okay that she has nowhere to go. Meanwhile, Penny receives a call from Michael inviting her on a date while Felix tells Patrick about Sabrina's handsome friend, Carlos.

At the Metro Court, Ava thinks Silas can't ignore her now but she ends up leaving him a message when he doesn't answer. Morgan arrives eager to help but Ava warns how he screwed her over and ponders how she could do the same by telling Kiki that he lied to her. She's upset about him gambling with her money and is ready to cancel the party but he begs her not to. Morgan thinks they both have a lot to lose and reminds her that he's the only reason Kiki's talking to her. Ava likes this side of him but whether or not she tells Kiki depends on how he repays his debt to her in the coming weeks. They shake on it and agree to keep things from Kiki when she arrives.

Carlos arrives at Patrick's and kisses Sabrina passionately.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kiki wonders what Morgan doesn't want her to know.

Ava admits having a reason for keeping Kiki's secret.

Sam feels she's betraying Jason.

Derek is ready to do something.

Sonny asks Carly why everyone's asking about his meds.

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