A Decision You Can Live With.

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Alice tries to help Kiki and Morgan, Sonny yells at Michael, and friends and family gather at Connie's memorial.

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At the Metro Court, Carly asks Spinelli to investigate Derek Wells. Meanwhile, Ava thinks she and Derek should stop meeting like this as they share the elevator. He agrees but reminds her he used the same cover they've been using – he's her client. They discuss their reasons to be at Connie's memorial. Not wanting to raise suspicions, Ava believes they should sit together since they've built a 'business relationship' – besides Sonny might not notice them if he's off his meds. Derek promises to catch up with her after his job interview with Duke. Ava's amused by this recent development and sympathizes that Duke will be working with his former boss and tormenter, Julian Jerome. Derek cuts her short as Duke approaches. He's surprised they know each other. Ava excuses herself and interrupts Carly and Spinelli. She's hopeful Carly will help her and Sonny plan Kiki and Morgan's party. Alone with Spinelli, Carly begs him to keep looking into Derek and Ava.He tries not to appear distracted as he sees a dad with a baby. Nearby, Derek interviews Duke. He's impressed with his resume but wonders why he should hire someone who once took orders from Julian Jerome. Duke assures him that part of his life is over and shares that Julian Jerome was incompetent. Derek hires him. Before leaving, Derek tells Carly he remembers Felix from the hospital and thinks he's a nice guy. Carly notes he's not her boyfriend and adds, "Things aren't always what they seem." She asks about his girlfriend and Derek admits Ava's not his girlfriend either.

Dante comforts Olivia at church before Connie's memorial. He knows Connie will live in their hearts and in her namesake. Olivia gives him an earful about Sonny's new BFF, Ava Jerome. Dante has no knowledge of Ava being connected to the Jerome crime family. Olivia thinks there's something to the claim that Vince was working for Julian Jerome.

At the Falconeri's, Anna's happy to watch baby Connie during the funeral and eager to have a word with Lulu about Maxie. Lulu understands Maxie's attachment issue but is upset that she went over the line by trying to nurse the baby. Anna's sure Maxie needs time to heal like she did after leaving Robin behind. Lulu believes it's different for Maxie since the baby she gave up isn't hers. Dante arrives for Lulu and tells Anna about the accusations that Julian Jerome is involved in a crime ring before leaving. Later Duke arrives and Anna shares that Julian Jerome may not be dead.

At the apartment, Ellie overhears Maxie tell the florist, "The people who cross me live to regret it." She won't ignore the fact that Maxie knows she told Spinelli he was the father and confronts Maxie. She doesn't regret her actions but admits she lost Spinelli as Maxie warned. Maxie doesn't want Ellie to tell anyone else. She and Spinelli have given up their baby forever. Ellie warns that forever is a long time. Maxie should consider her happiness, not Lulu and Dante's. When Spinelli arrives, Ellie shares her concern for Maxie.

Morgan and Kiki make love at the cabin. While getting ready Morgan shares the news that Alice has an in with the Quartermaines and they can stay. Later, Alice shows up with the news that they have to go - the free ride's over.

At Sonny's, Michael looks at a family picture of Sonny with him and his brother. He's worried when Sonny isn't dressed for the memorial. Sonny's not going. He gets angry when Michael asks if he's off his meds but soon apologizes for going off on him – he's not in his right mind. Michael knows it is more about AJ. He's asked AJ to muzzle Diane. Michael shares he's made amends with Morgan and is sorry for wanting to believe Morgan lied to him. Sonny wants to tell Michael something but Morgan and Kiki arrive before leaving for the memorial. Alone, Michael tells Sonny that being at the memorial is the last decision he'll make for him and Connie and suggests he make it a decision he can live with.

Alone at the church, Olivia asks Connie for a sign. She needs to know if her concerns over Ava Jerome are justified. Suddenly, Ava Jerome arrives. Olivia would have thought she had better things to do but Ava thinks the party is something positive for everyone during these trying times. Family and friends pour in including Sonny, and Dante and Lulu tell Spinelli and Maxie the baby's name.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sabrina tells Patrick she'd do anything for him.

Someone is looking for Sabrina.

Britt's ready to take her baby home.

Sam can't go with Silas.

Ava threatens Morgan about their secret.

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