Father Of The Bride.

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Kiki agrees to Ava's wishes, Sonny disappoints Olivia, and Felix and Carly have a close encounter at the pier.

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At Sonny's, Shawn identifies Julian Jerome as the person muscling in on Sonny's territory. Sonny thinks there's a problem since Julian Jerome is dead. Shawn's sure Vince was telling the truth. Sonny gets angry since Shawn let Vince go. Olivia wants to know what's going on as Shawn leaves. She doesn't think it's a stretch to believe Julian's alive after two people named Jerome moved to Port Charles. Sonny shares what he knows about Ava and is pleased that she wants to throw the kids a party. Olivia finds it poorly timed since they are burying Connie tomorrow. Sonny agrees to take his meds later but throws out the bottle when Olivia leaves.

Alexis interrogates Silas and Sam at GH when she catches them conversing privately. Silas admits they were making plans for dinner. Alexis and Silas try to sort out the differences they had before he saved Danny's life. He admits he couldn't have been more wrong in the way he handled things with Sam and Rafe. He knows now that Sam is a great mother. He doesn't believe he'd make a good parent. Sam tries to convince him otherwise after all the progress he's made with Rafe. She realizes he's worried about Kiki. He has to go and promises to call about dinner. Privately, Sam wonders if she's crazy for her interest in Silas but Alexis is glad she's putting herself out there even if Silas hasn't proven himself totally yet. Sam agrees, even if Silas isn't perfect like Derek Wells.

At the Metro Court, Carly and Felix wonder who's in Franco's room when Franco joins them outside his door. He doesn't want them to enter and Felix believes Franco has a prisoner in his room. Franco confesses it's a woman. Carly's angry but claims it doesn't matter to her since it's not like he would get a chance with her anytime soon. She says he can stay but he needs to provide a working credit card. She and Felix leave muttering about I told you so's. Franco brings Heather her BLT and asks her to leave for ruining his life. Carly now thinks he's a sleaze. Heather complains about the sandwich being pre-owned and cuts off the bitten part. She asks, "Who cares what Carly thinks?" She believes Franco dodged a bullet if Carly's not interested in him. Franco gets sappy dreaming about a normal life. Heather cheerily admits she still loves him.

At the pier, Derek's eager to get to the hospital but Ava reminds him that he's been given up to Sonny's goons. Derek's confident that Sonny believes 'Julian's' dead. Derek has a new identity and face. Sonny won't know what hit him. He needs Sonny out of the way when he hijacks his shipment. Ava brags about solving that problem. She and Sonny are having a party for their kids the same night. Derek's not happy to learn Ava met with Sonny against his wishes. Ava makes it clear that he's not her boss. Derek worries that Sonny could start to put two and two together. Nearby, Carly shushes Felix when she sees Derek and Ava. Felix asks why she's not saying hello. Carly can't stand Ava because the first time she laid eyes on her she was kissing Franco. Carly's certain Ava is up to something with Derek as sure as she was up to something with Franco before. Meanwhile, Ava knows about Sonny's bi-polar condition. Derek likes the sound of a mob-boss off his meds. She leaves and Derek hears a noise. Carly starts a fake argument with Felix and hits him as Derek finds them. Alone Felix wonders if Derek bought their story. Carly doesn't care. She thinks Derek needs to worry about if they bought his.

In the cabin, Kiki walks in on Morgan playing poker online. She announces she and Morgan have been voted off the Quartermaine property like Franco. Morgan wants her to ask Silas for help but she's not ready to get to know him. He's sorry the situation is so screwed up but doesn't think she can blame Silas for what happened with Franco. She agrees and answers the knock at the door. Silas is there to say hello. He's glad to see her since he can focus on other areas of his life now that Danny is better. Ava arrives and tries to convince Kiki to allow her and Sonny to throw them a party. Kiki doesn't trust her mother but Morgan thinks it's just a party. Kiki agrees if she can invite the father of the bride. Silas tells Kiki he will be there.

Derek meets Alexis and Sam at GH and is confident about something he is working on.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

People who cross Maxie live to regret it.

Lulu meets with Anna about Maxie

Carly needs Spinelli to investigate someone.

Olivia tells Dante what Sonny was told about Julian Jerome.

Michael confronts Sonny about taking his meds.

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