You Don't Know Who You're Dealing With.

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Vince gives up information on his boss, Silas has a private conversation with Sam, and Felix tries to save Carly.

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At the Metro Court, Franco's surprised to see Heather Webber. She talks herself into being invited in and he allows her to enjoy his birthday cake. Franco wonders how she got loose and Heather explains she has a system for sneaking in and out on special occasions. She announces she has his present. He doesn't know what to say when she gives him a painting of stripes and is ready to show her out the door. She refuses to head back to her cell until she gets what's rightfully hers, a BLT from Kelly's. They argue. He's certain she doesn't know who she's dealing with. She reminds him that he doesn't know who he's dealing with. Downstairs an employee confirms with Carly that Franco's suite is going to be comp'd. She confirms it will be indefinitely and remembers Franco blowing out his birthday candles. She bumps into Felix who wonders what has her on edge. She's excited to hear about his blind date. He's just happy he's getting himself out there and inquires if she's been with anybody since her night with AJ. She's upset when he jokes about her dating dangerous men. She claims she's not upset and is joking too but confesses she's helping Franco. Felix can't believe she's getting involved with that 'psycho'. He decides to help her confront the situation. Upstairs Felix knocks on Franco's door. Inside Heather knocks over a lamp. Felix yells thinking Franco's in there. Heather gets a knife while listening to Felix and Carly arguing in the hall. Franco arrives and demands to know what they're doing.

At Kelly's, Vince believes Sonny will find out who he works for soon enough without him telling Shawn and Max. Shawn threatens to kill him if he doesn't tell them what they need to know. [Show preempted for national news update 2:14 PM to 2:18 PM EST in the middle of commercial break.] He offers to show Max how to work the deep fryer. Vince is eager to tell them what he knows when Shawn turns it on. They are interrupted by Franco's knocking. Shawn answers and gives Franco a sandwich box to get him to leave. Later, Vince is surprised they let him go. Max suggests he catch the next boat to Toronto for fear of his boss finding out that he gave up his name.

At home, Sonny asks Ava to tell the cops what happened between her and AJ at the Floating Rib. She will if he agrees to throw a party with her for Morgan and Kiki. He doesn't think it's a good time for a party but she believes they should acknowledge the occasion since they were both behind the couple. She knows this is a dark time and comments on whether it is better to feel too much pain or no pain at all. Sonny takes his bipolar medicine from her. Ava apologizes and didn't mean to pry in his personal life. She's ready to leave when she gets a text from Derek. Before she leaves, Sonny tells her to throw the party.

At GH, Silas gives Sam an update on Danny. She's worried that signs of one disease are present but Silas confirms it is a good thing. Alexis leaves them and Silas thinks Sam should go celebrate. She tries to reach Molly but gets voicemail. Silas decides maybe they should talk first. He hopes they can have dinner when everything settles down. Sam realizes he's asking her out on a date. Elsewhere, Derek tells someone on the phone that Vince should keep his mouth shut so he's not exposed. He bumps into Duke and Anna and says, "Commissioner. It looks like you got me." He introduces himself and Anna introduces him to Duke as the publisher of the paper. Anna inquires to his business there and he jokes at the odds of him being the donor. From the staircase above, Alexis watches the exchange as Duke stops Derek to ask about a job. Derek encourages him to send his paperwork his way. From what he knows of him, he could use a man like Duke in his organization. Later, Alexis comes down to be certain nothing was wrong between Derek and the commissioner and then shares the good news about him saving Danny. She awkwardly pulls away from him in the middle of their embrace.

Derek finds Vince on the pier before Ava meets them. He admits only giving up the name Julian Jerome. He thinks it's all good since everyone thinks Julian is dead. Derek decides Vince can join him and shoots Vince. Ava kicks the body into the harbor.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kiki does not want to bond with Silas.

Felix wants to know what Franco is hiding.

Silas hasn't proven himself to Alexis yet.

Olivia finds Sonny yelling at Shawn.

Derek is upset with Ava for visiting Sonny.

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