Make A Wish.

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Silas spends time with Sam at the docks, Alexis explains her mob ties to Derek, and Franco celebrates his birthday.

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At the docks, Sam calls Jason's name. Silas steps out from an alley. Someone's watching as Sam admits hoping the sound she heard was Jason. Silas mentions how his brother died somewhere near where they are. She confides how Jason died there. She talks about someone who helped her realize Jason was gone. Silas encourages her to move on. Sam questions if he means for her to move on with him. He would never use her grief to make a move on her. She's apologizing when Silas receives a message that Danny's labs are back. They're followed as they leave.

Carly shows Franco to his room at the Metro Court and jokes maybe he can paint her something as payment. Franco hopes she can help figure out who is out to get him. He smells a rat and is certain Ava cut off his credit somehow. He repeats what he overheard in the lobby indicating Derek and Ava are keeping a secret. Carly agrees it's suspicious. Franco invites her to stay to celebrate his birthday. She's hesitant and reflects on Jason and how he hated birthdays. Franco will let her celebrate how she sees fit. Over cake he wishes Jason a happy birthday. Carly wishes Franco a happy birthday and he blows out the candles. He won't share his wish as it is something he wants very much. Someone sees Carly leave and knocks on Franco's door. He answers and says, "Oh my God."

At GH, Duke is bothered by Anna's insistence that he be checked out again. She blames herself for not catching Dr. Obrecht sooner while focusing on Ava Jerome. Duke still believes Ava's tied to the mob and hopes to identify her silent partner. He wants to investigate her contacts and find out who bankrolled her art gallery. Anna wonders if they're being paranoid but Duke remembers the gambling ring nosing around Sonny's business. Outside Danny's room, Derek thinks Jason sounds like the love of Sam's live. Alexis agrees he was. Derek inquires why Alexis didn't approve of Jason and she discloses he was a hit man for the mob. He's surprised when Alexis shares her personal connections to the mob as a lawyer and lover. Derek thinks he and Sonny have a lot in common. Alexis asks if Derek knocked up his lawyer too. Derek only admits to being a powerful man who plays similar games to win what he wants. He leaves when he receives a call that Vince was taken. Anna and Duke bump into Derek as he's leaving.

Sonny mistakes Ava for Connie when he finds her in his house. He demands to know who she is and how she got in. Ava apologizes for taking him by surprise. She's there to offer her condolences and mentions Max let her since she's family. She extends her hand and formally introduces herself as Ava Jerome when he shows disinterest. He shakes and admits he should have recognized her from her picture he has on file after having her checked out. Ava doesn't know if she should be insulted or complemented that he's worried she'll take over his territory. She teases him for thinking she'll take over his coffee business or that she's a member of the Jerome family. He asks, "Are you?" She reminds him he ran a check on her. Sonny knows she might have covered her tracks. Ava realizes having the name Jerome pushes a lot of buttons in Port Charles, including Duke Lavery's. Sonny talks about the bad history with the Jeromes. She reiterates that she's not associated with any crime family but admits to having Connie's blood on her hands. Sonny's eager to know why. Ava recounts having a drink with AJ at the Floating Rib. She remembers how he blamed Connie for losing ELQ. If she'd known how out of control he was she could have done something to stop it. Ava asks if Sonny can forgive her. There's nothing to forgive. He blames AJ not her and tells Ava how AJ hunted her down. Ava can't believe he didn't put a bullet in him. She offers to tell the police about her encounter with AJ but wants something in return.

Max visits Shawn at Kelly's. He's certain Sonny is fine and shares he's visiting with Morgan's mother-in-law. Shawn thinks Sonny's head is not in the game after confessing how he called him 'Jason' earlier. Max thinks it's just an old habit given Sonny's history with Jason. Shawn believes they need to take charge and find out more about the gambling ring players since Vince is snooping around Port Charles. Later, Shawn and Max bring Vince back to Kelly's. Shawn interrogates him for nosing around and then punches him for insulting Connie's memory.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anna questions Derek.

Sam can't believe the news she's received.

Franco interrupts Shawn and Max at Kelly's.

Felix can't believe something Carly's told him.

Sonny tells Ava that she doesn't know what she's talking about.

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