Happy Birthday Jason.

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Someone spies on Jason's friends and family, Carly and Elizabeth argue about Franco, and Ava visits Sonny.

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At the Quartermaine's, someone watches from outside as Franco wishes a picture of Jason 'happy birthday'. Monica comes in and puts Jason's picture back on the shelf. She calls Franco a killer and slaps him when he points out AJ killed Connie. She wants him to leave and threatens to have Alice show him out. Franco wonders what it would be like to go 'man-to-man' with Alice but agrees to leave on his own. Someone sees Tracy join Monica who's eager to share what she just saw. Monica knows it was Franco leaving and admits being responsible for kicking him out. Tracy wishes she was there to see it. She congratulates her and hopes she's also able to see AJ for who he is. Monica breaks down in tears. Tracy thinks his chances are good with Diane as counsel. Monica confesses she's been fired. Tracy points out they're family and gets on the phone to correct the situation while Monica looks at a picture of Alan.

At home, Sonny comes downstairs and crumples up Olivia's message. He doesn't touch his food or medicine as he looks at pictures on the mantle of him with Jason and Connie. Shawn comes in with flowers from Derek Wells. Sonny remembers his encounter with Derek at GH and slams his hand down on the table angrily. He tells Shawn who Derek Wells is but calls Shawn 'Jason' while reminding him to keep his head in the game.

Elizabeth and Carly cross paths at the docks. Both are thinking about Jason on his birthday and still want to believe that he survived. They share memories about how he hated birthdays. Carly remembers Jason sharing his birthday with Michael once. Elizabeth doesn't think Jason would have liked sharing one with Franco. Carly doesn't respond when Elizabeth asks if she agrees. Carly remembers her last conversation with Franco and Elizabeth asks, "What changed?" Carly mentions Franco's tumor being responsible for his crimes. Elizabeth can't believe she's supporting Franco. Carly can't believe she saw Elizabeth at AJ's arraignment. Someone watches Elizabeth walk off before Sonny startles Carly. He blames himself for what happened to Jason. Carly doesn't think Jason would want this for Sonny and warns that he shouldn't let the depression swallow him up.

At the Metro Court, Ava overhears Derek getting off the phone with Alexis after promising to stop by the hospital later after he handles something minor. She notes to Derek that wiping Sonny Corinthos off of the face of the earth is not minor. He wants her to stay clear of the hotel but she admits that is now a problem since she's living there. Derek confesses he's already fired the first shot at Sonny. She's amused that he sent Sonny flowers and a condolence card. She's eager for them to strike now while Sonny is weak and has no patience while Derek moons over his long lost family. She threatens to deal with Sonny on her own. He pulls her close and reminds her not to take matters into her own hands. He doesn't want anyone to find out what they are up to. Franco interrupts that he's not anyone; they can tell him what they're up to. Ava introduces Derek as a client before he leaves. Alone Franco wants her to tell him what's really going on. She asks him to stop following her around and realizes he's been thrown out of the Quartermaine's, too. They share a laugh and she says goodbye before wishing him a happy birthday. Later all of Franco's cards are declined while he is checking in. Carly arrives in time to help.

At GH, Alexis joins Sam outside Danny's room and they reflect on how Derek came through for them. Sam wonders if there are other reasons Alexis is looking forward to Derek visit. Alexis tries to show disinterest but Sam reminds her that she's available unless things aren't over with Shawn. Elizabeth interrupts to check on Danny. She and Sam stand look through the window at him. Elizabeth sees Sam and Jason's Dragon and Phoenix statues. Alexis returns with Derek. They offer to give Sam time to herself. She waves goodbye to Danny and grabs her Phoenix statue before they walk her out. Someone sees the Dragon statue Sam left behind while looking in on Danny. Later, Alexis explains the symbolism of the Dragon and the Phoenix statues to Derek.

Sonny thinks he sees Connie when he returns home but it is Ava waiting for him.

Alone on the docks, Sam wishes Jason a Happy Birthday. She hears a sound and says, "Jason?"

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Franco smells a rat.

Alexis tells Derek she doesn't want her daughter involved with the mob.

Sam calls out for Jason.

Duke believes Ava is lying about being a Jerome.

Max asks Shawn if there is a problem.

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