Time For You To Leave.

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Michael and Morgan come to terms, Sabrina rushes Britt's baby to GH, and Ava recieves a request from Franco.

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At Wyndemere, Britt's worried about her baby. Nikolas assures her that Sabrina didn't do anything and wants Britt's professional opinion on what's wrong. There's fluid in the baby's lungs and he needs to get to the hospital. The boat is ready but Britt hesitates to let Sabrina take her baby. Nikolas talks Britt into staying as Sabrina promises to take care of the newborn. Nikolas keeps Britt calm before taking her to the hospital.

At GH, Brad mumbles to himself about Damian and Maxie being the parents of the Falconeri baby. Felix interrupts to bash him for not stepping up as the father of Britt's baby. Brad wants to know why Felix cares. Felix isn't a fan of 'the Britch' but feels close to taking her back into his home since she's alone despite having no connection to the baby. Brad admits he has no connection either. Sabrina rushes in with the baby. Felix calls the emergency ahead to pediatrics and asks Brad if he's coming. Sam discusses Danny with Silas and knows he's thinking about his own daughter. He's not certain how he feels. It might be nice for Rafe to have a cousin but he doesn't know what relationship he'll have with Kiki. Sam is interested in why Ava chose Franco over him. He discusses a dangerous side and his past with Ava. As his friend, Sam wants to know more, but he's worried about what might happen tomorrow when Danny is better. Silas immediately responds to treat the newborn when Sabrina arrives. After, Silas greets Nikolas and Britt with positive news on the baby's health. Nearby, Felix wonders aloud with Sabrina if he's the only one who thinks the baby looks nothing like Brad. Brad looks in at the baby as Britt thanks Nikolas.

Carly arrives at Sonny's and suggests Kiki should be into the man she's married to when she finds her looking at a photo of Michael and Morgan. Kiki shows Carly the note Sonny left behind before Sonny comes in with Olivia, Michael and Morgan. He doesn't want Olivia to take care of him, but she takes him upstairs. Carly tells the others about Franco. Morgan needs to talk to Sonny and asks Michael to take Kiki home. He trusts him now after all they've been through. Carly joins them. Upstairs, Olivia argues with Sonny and wants him to take his medicine. Morgan sees him alone and shares how scared he was. He is sorry for what happened to Connie and admits it's his fault. Sonny doesn't blame him and thinks Kiki loves Morgan despite everything. Morgan doesn't believe it's true and believes she'll leave him if he ever finds out that he lied to her. Sonny will be by Morgan's side no matter what. Morgan begs Sonny not to hurt himself before leaving. Later, Sonny decides he doesn't want to feel better and destroys the dosage that Olivia left out for him.

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy makes fun of Ava watching a celebrity news show. She's just as disappointed though when the announcer invites them to tune in after the break for news on Franco's trial. Ava's checking Twitter when Franco arrives and announces he's trending. Tracy's surprised all of the charges dropped. Franco pours some Champaign for him and Tracy to celebrate his homecoming. Ava feels left out. Franco makes it clear it is time for her to leave and asks her to pack her bags. Ava tries to manipulate the situation with what she knows. Franco is having none of it and confesses to Tracy that he poisoned everyone's relish. She's angry but he doesn't care about any of it, her, ELQ, or Ava. The truth is his heart belongs to someone else. He looks at Carly as she enters the room. Tracy's amused given Carly loves her murderers. Carly protests and drags Franco out of the room. Alone, Ava wonders if Tracy intends to let Franco kick her out. Tracy gives her an hour to pack and leave. In the next room, Franco questions if Jason is the only reason Carly cares for him and he's eager to prove himself to her. Outside, Michael apologizes to Kiki for behaving badly. He wants to be on Morgan's side instead of against him. Morgan meets them and is certain Sonny is better.

Taylor teases TJ at Kelly's and is glad she returned to Port Charles now that Molly hasn't shown any further interest in getting back with TJ. He accidentally spills water on her. Molly and Rafe come in as he's trying to dry her shirt off. He throws her the towel to help herself and talks to Molly about their last conversation. They agree they are back on as a couple. Taylor and Rafe look on disappointed.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Britt refuses to hold her baby.

Sabrina thinks Patrick should move past everything.

Anna tells Maxie that she won't feel like this forever.

The Falconeri's can't take their baby home.

Monica wants AJ to admit he didn't kill Connie.

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