Trust Me.

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Sabrina and Nikolas assist Britt during labor, Brad has information for Dante, and Maxie tries to talk to Lulu.

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At Sonny's, Kiki lets Michael and Morgan know that Olivia left when she thought she knew where Sonny was after seeing a vision of Kiki wearing Connie's wedding dress. Michael realizes that they are probably at the Haunted Star. He calls Dante and watches as Kiki and Morgan exchange a hug.

At GH, Brad stops Dante to speak to him about Dr. Westbourne. Dante thinks it's about Britt's mother Obrecht but Brad admits it's more about her baby. Dr. Drake isn't the father. Dante asks if Brad wants to press charges for Patrick punching him Brad is unable to respond when Dante is interrupted by a phone call from Michael to meet him and Morgan at the Haunted Star. Outside the baby's room, Spinelli asks Maxie how she's feeling. Not great and she'll never forgive herself. She wants to say more but decides to let him go find Ellie. Lulu asks Maxie not to come any closer to her and the baby when she interrupts. Maxie waits outside until she's done and then promises she will no longer insist the baby is hers. Lulu's sorry but she doesn't believe she can trust Maxie. She doesn't buy Maxie's excuse about the drugs and the surgery. Maxie will be seeing Kevin for treatment. They share how each is the other's best friend. Lulu needs her to get better. Maxie wants to apologize to Dante, but understands the situation. She misses Connie too and can't imagine what Sonny must be going through. Lulu gives Maxie a push present and leaves to attend to the baby. Spinelli finds Sabrina in the lab and asks her to keep his and Maxie's secret. He and Maxie believe it would be too cruel to expose their secret to Lulu and Dante now. Ellie doesn't think he should do this. He has no other choice and blames Ellie for knowing and not saying anything earlier. He wants her word for the sake of his friends' happiness. She agrees and then offers him the opportunity to move his belongings out while she works late if he wishes. He hasn't thought about their relationship but admits he still loves her. He's still furious with her and needs time. He won't be picking up his things yet. They will see each other around. Later, Maxie explains what happened between her and Lulu to Spinelli. Brad overhears Spinelli confirming with Maxie that Ellie will keep the secret about Dante and Lulu's baby being their biological child.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas finds Britt in labor on the floor of his house with Sabrina by her side. He tries to get a boat but it won't be for another hour. Sabrina doesn't think they have that long. Britt freaks out wanting to know who will deliver her baby. Sabrina explains "the phony little twit" that stole Patrick from her will. Britt tries to get up to leave. Nikolas listens to the two of them argue over their history. Britt doesn't trust Sabrina but Nikolas promises to be there with her. He starts to coach her while Sabrina gathers supplies. Nikolas swipes her phone playlist and they struggle through labor. Once the baby is born, Britt thanks Sabrina and Nikolas as she holds her baby. Suddenly she realizes something's wrong with him.

At the Haunted Star, Olivia thinks if Sonny wants her gone he will have to shoot her. Sonny wants to shoot himself because he couldn't kill AJ. Olivia doesn't think Michael should have to lose either one of his fathers. Sonny can't say goodbye to Connie. If Olivia feels anything for him she would let him be with Connie. Olivia refuses to let him use Connie as an excuse. He confesses how he just saw Connie and they exchanged vows. He has to go to her. Olivia says, "What about me?" He's the only one she knows who loved Connie like she did. She doesn't want him to leave her alone to plan their funerals. She reminds him of all the people he has. It doesn't matter to him. They're all grown. She reminds him his new granddaughter isn't. Sonny doesn't think he's doing anyone a favor by sticking around. He breaks glasses around the bar area. He reflects on how he and Connie were finally going to make it work. It should have been him. Olivia wants to help him but he wants her to get out. She refuses to make easy for him and sits down in front of him. When Dante, Michael and Morgan arrive Olivia asks if he'll make his sons watch too. They won't leave and want Sonny to trust them. They all will make this work. Sonny puts the gun down and they take him home.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Morgan blames himself for Connie's death.

Britt blames Sabrina for her baby's health issue.

Felix tells Brad that whatever happens next to that baby is on him.

Sam wants to know what makes someone so dangerous.

Ava gets told to pack her bags and leave.

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