No More To Give.

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Olivia upsets Michael, Sonny wants to be with Connie, and Britt has to ask for Sabrina's help.

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At the courthouse, Diane produces Franco's brain tumor as evidence of his innocence. The prosecutor isn't interested but Diane thinks it's a miscarriage of justice to persecute Franco. She can state precedent. The prosecutor wants to go to trial to give Franco's victims a chance to be heard. Carly stands up and identifies herself as one of the victims. Under oath she confirms knowing Franco before and after his surgery. She hasn't witnessed any recent violent acts against anyone. She doesn't trust him in the presence of her children but notes his recent bouts with remorse and guilt before the surgery. She wonders if he chose to commit those crimes and if the tumor is a convenient excuse. Carly asks, "Does he have me fooled?" The judge will review for court tomorrow. Diane thinks Franco's going to Pentonville.

Emma comes home with Patrick and is surprised to find all the baby furniture gone. She asks what's wrong after he offers her ice-cream. He found out a test was wrong and he's not the father. She's sorry he failed the test and wonders if the baby would miss them. Patrick knows the baby will be missing out on the best big sister ever. She's sorry he's missing out on having a boy but thinks he can still have one with Sabrina. While he leaves Sabrina a message wishing she was there when he shared the news, Emma comes out with mitt and ball ready to play catch.

At Sonny's, Olivia worries when Michael hasn't found Sonny after calls to the island residence. She's certain Sonny may kill himself and is angered at the whole situation. Connie and Sonny were finally going to make good on their childhood promises until the stupid article about Kiki came out. Michael wants to know what the article has to do with anything. Morgan freaks out. Connie and Sonny's problems don't matter. Connie is dead and Sonny could be dead soon too. Kiki thinks Morgan should chill but Michael apologizes for getting under his skin. Dante leaves with Michael and Morgan for GH to check on the report of a gunshot victim. Later, Olivia realizes where Sonny is when she has a vision of Kiki in Connie's wedding dress.

Nikolas finds Brad at GH and explains it's time for him to step up and take care of his son after contributing his DNA for a promotion. Brad hears a hint of judgment and doesn't think that much of Nikolas' family. There was no discussion of child-rearing. Since Patrick isn't in the picture Nikolas believes Brad should take Britt in. Brad doesn't have room and wonders why Nikolas cares. He asks, "Do you gotta thing for the Britch?" Nikolas wants Brad to call her by her correct name and makes it clear that Brad is the dad. Brad advises that Britt can take it up with him if there's a problem. Elsewhere, Dante lets his brothers know the victim isn't Sonny and sends them back to Sonny's. While going to see Lulu, Brad stops him to tell him something.

At Wyndemere, Britt tells Sabrina to take her holier-than-thou attitude back to the mainland. Sabrina wants to have her say. She's angry that Britt cheated Patrick and Emma out of a son and brother. Britt may be called the Britch but she's certain she doesn't have anything on Sabrina. Sabrina reminds her that she didn't have to do anything to make her lose Britt, she did that all on her own when she decided to hate Emma. Britt becomes overcome with pain. Sabrina jokes she's faking and attempts to leave but Britt begs her to stay. When Nikolas returns, Sabrina is getting Britt ready to give birth on the floor.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny looks at a photo of him with Connie before checking his gun clip. He talks to her about her dying for nothing and wants to end it. Connie appears to him. He loves her so much and doesn't want her to leave again. She loves him too and is so sorry. He's upset for all that's transpired and believes he should have listened to her. Now Morgan is married to someone who doesn't love him. Connie tries to pull at the gun wondering what he is doing. He remembers losing her twice and wants to find her again. He points the gun at his chest and says, "I want to be with you now." She tells him to put the gun down and marry her. He puts the gun on the bar and the room is a vision of their wedding day. They exchange vows. He wants more but she leaves with a goodbye. He picks up the gun again as Olivia runs in screaming, "No!"

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Britt wonders who will deliver her baby.

Brad speaks to Dante about Dr. Westbourne.

Lulu tells Maxie to stay away from her and the baby.

Spinelli needs to have a word with Ellie.

Olivia thinks Sonny should shoot her.

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