Prove It.

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Spinelli agrees to help Felix, Sonny tries to prove something to Morgan, and Connie works to save her job at Crimson.

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Lulu arrives at Crimson in time to save Maxie from her food cravings. Over Pickle-Lila and ice cream, Lulu asks Maxie what it's like having Spinelli as the baby's daddy. When Maxie recovers from the question, she tells Lulu a little about Lamaze class. Lulu shares how excited Spinelli was to hear they were having a girl. She thinks he's looking forward to being a father someday. Lulu worries something's wrong but Maxie claims she's disappointed she missed the Lamaze class. They're interrupted when Connie's boss, Derrick Wells, invades Connie's office.

In the park, Dr. Olbrecht tries to convince Britt that Patrick will fall in love with her when she has his baby. Britt reminds her that they both know she is not carrying Patrick's child. Her mother gets angry as Britt gets emotional about Patrick's disinterest and her guilt that the baby isn't his. Dr. Olbrecht says, "He'll never need to know that." She wants Britt to squash her feelings of doubt and guilt. Britt doesn't feel guilty about Patrick's feelings as much as the feelings of the real father. Dr. Olbrecht warns her to keep her mouth shut, no one, especially Patrick, should learn the truth.

Sabrina greets Patrick at the door with a beer when he comes home. He doesn't mind that she let herself in and kisses her upon hearing Emma's with Anna and Duke for the evening. He discusses Franco's surgery and Sam's disappointment that the tumor may be cancerous. He relates to Sam's worries and remembers Emma could have been HIV positive when she came into the world. He confides that he'll love his baby with Britt as much as he does Emma. Sabrina's not bothered that Patrick feels this way, it's why she's with him, but she still thinks Britt's hiding something. She explains Britt may be getting help from her mother to hide something about the baby from him. She wonders if Britt ever shared anything about her mother with him. Patrick knows nothing.

Michael offers to wait with Kiki at GH. She'd rather he didn't but he confesses he can't stay away from her. He clarifies they have to find a way to make this work. She accidentally refers to Morgan as Michael in conversation. He gives her a pass since both their names begin with 'M' and she continues on to ask that they both can be friends. Michael wants to know if she loves Morgan. She thinks she will learn to love him. He wishes her well and watches her leave to visit her father.

Connie lets herself in at Sonny's and overhears Morgan telling him that Michael and Kiki are not cousins. She sneaks outside when Maxie calls her cell to alert her that her boss is in her office. Inside, Morgan shares his desperation for planning to marry Kiki fast; she'd choose Michael over him if she knew they weren't cousins. He begs Sonny not to say anything but Sonny won't agree. He wants the truth to come out so Morgan and Kiki can be safe from Franco and so that Michael can have a fair shot with Kiki. Morgan's upset that Sonny sees him as a kid and believes Michael gets treated better despite not being his flesh and blood. Sonny doesn't care about flesh and blood. Not one of his kids is better than the other. Morgan wants him to prove it and let him marry Kiki. He loves her and will be a good husband. Sonny agrees but hopes he knows what he's doing.

Back at Crimson, Connie barges into her office where Derrick is making a list of staff that she can fire before firing herself. She promises the ELQ story is huge due to recent developments. She promises Maxie she's not bluffing and leaves. Later, Derrick looks at a picture of Connie and Sonny on her desk and calls someone to alert them he's in Port Charles.

At Kelly's, Felix picks up the tab for Spinelli's BLT in an effort to gain access to his PI skills to get the low-down on Britt. Britt's already on Spinelli's radar. The two of them exchange notes on how they think Brad got promoted. Felix's certain this all has to do with the paternity of Britt's baby. He knows Brad didn't have anything to do with switching the blood test. Spinelli is eager to help and understands what he needs to do when Felix clues him in that Britt's mother is involved. Spinelli finds the job mutually beneficial and offers to work for free. Lulu and Maxie join them and Felix announces Spinelli is helping solve Britt's baby mystery.

Later, Connie returns to Sonny's and is surprised he's giving Morgan his blessing to marry Kiki.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly tells Michael that Franco's a donor match.

Sam is tired of waiting and asks if Franco can save Danny.

Olivia warns Derrick to get his hands off Maxie.

Connie tells Sonny she has another story already.

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