Mouse Has Begun To Roar.

Monday, July 29th, 2013

More people learn the truth about Kiki’s parentage, Ava and Tracy try to come up with a new plan, and Sabrina and Felix get suspicious about Britt’s mom.

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At the hospital Patrick tells Morgan and Carly that the tumor was removed completely and Franco's prognosis looks good. "I can’t wait to tell my fiancée," Morgan tells Carly. She bites her tongue and encourages him to do that. Sam arrives and Carly tells her Franco is alive. They hug each other, excited for Danny. Carly asks Patrick if she can see Franco. He warns her they don’t know what kind of shape Franco will wake up in. Later, Sam asks Patrick how soon Franco can be ready for the transplant. Patrick has bad news. Franco might have cancer and transplanting those cells into Danny will only make him worse. He encourages her to continue her search for a donor.

The votes are tallied at ELQ - in favor of AJ. Someone flipped and Alice admits she voted for AJ. Tracy reminds Alice about her promise to Luke to always side with her. It came down to family for Alice, and Luke isn’t family. Alice calls Tracy a bully for even having the vote while Franco is in the hospital. Tracy goes for Alice’s throat but Alice has her in a sleeper hold in seconds. Kiki taunts Ava for her plan failing. Michael and Kiki hug just as Morgan walks in. He asks Michael to congratulate him on his engagement before telling Kiki that Franco is awake. Sonny calls Morgan, demanding to see him and he leaves. Then, AJ throws Tracy and Ava out. Tracy warns him this isn’t over and fires Alice. AJ kisses Liz and they make plans to celebrate.

Dr. Obrecht finds Britt outside The Floating Rib and warns her people are plotting against her. Sabrina walks up and asked to be introduced to Britt’s friend. Britt pretends they have never met. Sabrina hopes Britt is drinking decaf for the sake of the baby and leaves. Obrecht is impressed that Sabrina at least acknowledged her existence and knocks Britt’s manners. Obrecht goes on about Sabrina’s simple beauty, although she can’t compare to Britt even if she looks fat. Britt gets upset and Obrecht urges her to calm down and sit, even though she looks bigger when sitting. Obrecht thinks Britt is being outdone by amateurs. Britt is ready to cut her losses and tell Patrick the truth. Obrecht accuses her of falling for her new Prince Charming, huffing and puffing in Lamaze. Britt turns the tables and taunts Obrecht for not getting the man she loved. Patrick will be more interested in this baby than either Obrecht or her father were in Britt. Obrecht slaps Britt and isn’t sorry about it, even if Britt is right. Obrecht wants her to succeed where she failed because of what they have done to make sure of it. But if she doesn’t love Patrick there is no point going forward. Britt does love him, but it’s hard loving someone who doesn’t love you back. And they both know this isn’t his baby.

Inside the Rib Felix tells Sabrina that Brad confirmed Britt - and her mother - have been hiding something about the baby. Sabrina thinks she just saw Britt’s mom and tells him about her encounter outside. There was definitely a creepy resemblance. But what would she have to do with this? Felix tells her about Britt’s joke that her mom holds people hostage and does experiments on them. Sabrina questions whether it’s a joke.

At Sonny’s, Connie complains that she needs a big, sexy story by the end of next week to save the paper and Crimson. She plans to follow up with Michael about trouble at ELQ. Later, Sonny doesn’t believe Morgan’s explanation of love for why he is getting married so young. Is she pregnant? Is it the gambling? Morgan spills that he will lose her to Michael if he doesn’t.

Connie arrives at ELQ and Michael tells her a takeover didn’t happen. Connie wonders if there is any dirt at all but the vote is confidential. She leaves and Michael offers to take Kiki to the hospital. She isn’t sure she can trust herself but agrees.

Franco wakes up to Carly in his room. She is glad he’s alive and he reaches out his hand to her.

Ava has heard good things about the BLTs at Kelly’s. Tracy doesn’t care about BLTs. She wants to be CEO of ELQ and barring that she wants some LSD so she can forget this nightmare PDQ. Ava tells her to buck up and wonder whose 5 percent they can steal. Tracy wants Ava to get Kiki to vote with her. Ava thinks that will be a problem considering the vote they just had while her father was having brain surgery. Tracy had been desperate to find Kiki but now she has ruined all of her plans. If only she wasn’t a Quartermaine. She wonders if there are any other candidates for Kiki’s dad but Ava is positive that Kiki is a Q.

Connie returns to Sonny’s and overhears Morgan tell Sonny that Kiki is not a Q.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny won’t make Morgan any promises.

Felix asks Spin to get the lowdown on someone.

Patrick will love the baby as much as he loves Emma.

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- Hollie Deese

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