Kiss And Tell.

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Silas tries to trick information out of Kiki, Britt wants to save face with Nikolas, and Brad wants Michael to kiss before he tells.

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At Sonny's, Carly interrupts Sonny and Connie discussing The Port Charles Press. She needs Sonny to stop a wedding. He's surprised Morgan's getting married and decides he'll deal with it. Carly's concerned since he dealt with Franco and now he could die. Sonny thinks she's going soft for caring about Franco. He believes the brain tumor is convenient and if he dies, that's one less problem for them to worry about. Sonny apologizes to Connie when Carly leaves about all the craziness. Connie knows there's craziness, she's about to lose her magazine and hopes the ELQ story can help.

Ava arrives at ELQ and reminds Tracy if Franco dies so do their plans. In AJ's office, he wonders why Elizabeth needed to see him. She lets him know about Franco's condition. He doesn't care much and is worried about Franco's play for ELQ with Ava. Tracy interrupts ready to boot him out. He thinks she's bluffing but she produces Ava's proxy after announcing she's called a shareholder meeting.

At GH, Kiki worries with Morgan about losing the father she just met. Silas interrupts. Morgan gets upset when he wants to talk to her alone. Silas doesn't think Morgan's old enough to marry Kiki when he mentions he's the fiancé. He stops short of calling her his daughter and pulls her away. Alice brings food to Morgan. Nearby, Silas tells Kiki he's updating her medical history and asks for her date of birth. Ava pulls her away wanting news about Franco before she answers. Kiki's needed at ELQ for a shareholder meeting. Silas joins Morgan and Alice. He's interested if the couple is old enough to get married. Morgan says they're both 19 but Alice is certain Kiki is 21. Alice receives a call to get to ELQ. Alone, Silas thinks if Morgan loves Kiki he'll tell her the truth. Carly joins Morgan as Patrick comes out of surgery.

At Kelly's, Britt texts Brad interested in finding out what happened with Michael. She catches Nikolas leaving and wants to know why she's getting a cold shoulder. He's rushing to the hospital and isn't sure she's interested in speaking about his ill nephew. Britt realizes Elizabeth must have spoken to Nikolas when he sounds unsure if she even likes kids. She admits Elizabeth told her she could have nothing to do with Nikolas. He's concerned with anyone who has a problem with Emma. Britt explains she did act like a child, she's not proud. He asks if that's all she's done. She confesses all Elizabeth told him, but advises him to stick with Elizabeth if he wants someone perfect. They sit at the counter and Nikolas gets personal about his family. He doesn't care what people think, is grateful for friends, and wants her to be one of them. They shake on it. Later, Britt's mother tells her that her life's about to go up in smoke.

At Michael's, Felix advises Michael to get the information he needs before things get out of hand. He hides before Michael lets Brad in. Brad takes a drink and wants to know what Michael's up for. He sits down and asks Michael if he's gay. Michael can't say it as Felix stresses in the shadows. He claims to be conflicted and Brad offers him a chance to out himself to someone who won't judge him. Michael's not sure he can trust him after his attempt at blackmail. He wants Brad to tell him his secret and then he'll tell him if he's gay. Brad remembers Britt's warning about Michael setting him up and decides to tell him he's been hurt by men before. Michael claims he's interested but just needs a symbol of faith. Brad will need his own symbol and promises to tell him anything he wants to know for one kiss. Michael's about to bail when Felix texts him, 'It's just a kiss, close your eyes.' Michael stops Brad from leaving but before they can kiss Michael receives a call from AJ to come to ELQ. He leaves Brad to see himself out. Brad wonders what's up and Felix comes out to warn him he's done. This only upsets Brad who is tired of pretending. He confesses how much he likes Felix. Felix is touched and almost finds Brad's speech redeeming, but he needs a symbol of faith too. Brad's worried Britt will kill him. If Felix wants to know he should ask her mother.

Back at ELQ, Diane reviews votes online. Tracy tells Alice to vote for her when she arrives. Kiki's upset that while her father's in surgery they are fighting over ELQ. She's ready to vote with AJ and Michael. AJ knows he lacks the majority. Tracy brags she has majority when Diane announces AJ won the vote.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny doesn't want Connie near AJ.

Tracy tries to kill Alice.

Felix wants to find Britt's mom.

Dr. Olbrecht has bad news for Britt.

Sam tells Patrick that Franco's a donor match.

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