Time Is Of The Essence.

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Carly confronts Ava about her secret, Silas tries to stop Franco's surgery, and Michael invites Brad over.

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TJ catches Molly and Rafe at GH. He's there to support her and asks to see her alone. He confesses he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her. Molly thinks that's funny since she saw him and Taylor kissing at the Floating Rib. He stops her from leaving to say he's told Taylor he just wants to be friends, just like Molly is with Rafe. Molly points out the exception to that where TJ and Taylor slept together. He doesn't want to give up and they agree there may be a chance to save what they had. Nearby, Carly's surprised she heard Morgan right when he announces Kiki accepted his proposal of marriage. Morgan thinks congratulations are order but Carly says it will be over her dead body. She's surprised they have the support of Ava. Morgan is determined the wedding will happen. Carly plans to see that it doesn't and leaves. Kiki starts to have second thoughts but says she's just feeling overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Elizabeth talks to Nikolas about Britt. She doesn't think being Britt's Lamaze partner was the right thing for him to do. Nikolas agrees it's not her place to get involved. Elizabeth is eager to tell him what Britt did to Patrick and Emma. Britt's not the kind of person he should want around Spencer. Nikolas doesn't understand how she could be with AJ and care who he's involved with. To her, AJ's problems were in his past, Britt's transgressions are recent. Nikolas is done and leaves wondering if Elizabeth is jealous. She calls AJ and leaves a message that she needs to talk to him. Outside Danny's room, Sam's relieved Franco's a match until Brad notes it's only possible if Franco survives surgery. Silas is surprised Franco's in surgery and fears he could die before he has a chance to donate the marrow needed to save Danny's life. He makes an attempt to stop the surgery but it's too late. Sam breaks down crying in his arms knowing that if Franco dies so does Danny. She apologizes for losing it and pulls it together as Rafe arrives wondering what's wrong. Silas does his best to explain all will be well and Franco will make it. Privately, Rafe asks Silas if he meant everything he said. There's no way of knowing but he doesn't want to take Sam's hope away. Rafe rejoins Molly to give her the news about Danny and Franco. Alone, Sam cries out to Jason, needing him to be Danny's angel until he's okay. She wants a sign that he's there. Silas returns and picks her up off the floor.

At the Quartermaine's, Ava disturbs Tracy on the phone with Ned ranting about Franco and his baby mama planning a coup. Tracy notifies Ava her plan is meaningless. Ava agrees her plan failed, but she's come up with a new one. After explaining Franco's brain tumor predicament, she lets Tracy know that while Franco lives, she has power of his shares. Time is of the essence as she only has power over his shares while he's alive. She outlines a plan for her and Tracy to take over now. They're interrupted when Carly visits upset over Kiki and Morgan's engagement. She's certain Ava has a secret and she'll find out what it is. Carly leaves. Before getting in any deeper Tracy wants to know Ava's price.

At Michael's, Felix asks for his help in discovering Brad's secret with Britt. Michael's unsure, but Felix lays out what he thinks Britt and Brad have been up to. He's certain what Brad's hiding is bigger than what he has on Michael. He wants Michael to invite Brad over to romance the truth out of him. Michael calls Brad pretending to be confused about things and invites him over.

Taylor takes Britt to lunch at Kelly's. She's appreciative of her support but Britt thinks she has an ulterior motive to be near TJ. Taylor's sure it's over since he just wants to be friends. Britt thinks there are no knights in shining armor anymore but knows having friends is a good thing. She thinks fondly of a new guy friend she has as Brad arrives. Taylor leaves them alone and Brad gives Britt her real test results. He leaves when Michael calls inviting him over. Nikolas walks by but is not as friendly as before. Taylor joins Britt and wonders what's up, she thought they were friends. Later, TJ tells Taylor he's back with Molly.

Back at Michael's, Felix gets Michael ready before Brad arrives, then hides around the corner. Michael nervously lets Brad in.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kiki asks Silas why he needs her date of birth.

Britt asks Nikolas if she did something wrong.

Brad will tell Michael everything for one kiss.

Tracy announces to AJ she has the majority vote.

Sonny's confused that Carly's worried about Franco dying.

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