My Head Hurts!

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Franco gets destructive, Laura wants some answers and the search for Sam's father continues.

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Please note that "GH" was interrupted for 2:08 – 2:20 for extended footage of Royal baby news where it was revealed that Prince William can change a diaper.

At the hospital, Monica and Silas try to keep Sam calm about Franco running off with her kid. Dante shows up and tells them that Carly may have gone after Franco. Silas warns that the brain tumored Cassadine could be dangerous.

Dressed as Jason, Franco takes Danny up on the bridge and tells him how much he loves him. As he holds him over the edge, Carly interrupts. She tries to talk him down but he suggests that Franco must have gotten to her. Eventually, she convinces him that the baby needs to be in the hospital. He hands him over. Liz calls her and Carly explains that she has the baby. Franco takes out his gun and holds it on himself. Carly tries to calm him down. He starts to cry about killing Liz while he was trying to kill Franco. Franco needs to kill himself like Franco would. "Yes! No! My head hurts! I've got evil in my head that wants to explode," he says. He holds the gun on himself again. Carly tells him that it doesn't matter what's in his head because he has a good heart. After some pleading, he puts the gun down. Silas, Sam and PCPD show up after tracing the call Liz made to Carly. Sam runs up and grabs her kid. Carly stands between Franco and Dante as they level their guns at each other. She promises Franco that he will be okay and she can trust him. He cries and falls over.

Laura barges into the Quartermaine house to confront Tracy for lying to her. Laura has Luke's test results and knows that he is dying. Tracy plays dumb. Laura badgers her until she admits that he was poisoned by Helena. "It's horrible," Laura says. The Quartermaine explains that he is chasing the one chance for a cure he has. They bicker about Luke and Tracy explains that he ran off after she insisted on going with him on the search. "He may be doing it without you, but he's not doing it without me," Laura says. She thinks Luke needs her. Besides, he promised to be there at the birth of his grandchild and she intends to make him keep that promise.

Molly meets Rafe on a bench and tells him the news about Danny isn't good. She explains how her mom hooked up with a stranger and got knocked up with Sam. He suggests they try making a list of all of the men whose names start with J that her mom may have known. Molly tells him this is all a long-shot. Rafe doesn't think they should give up and asks her to get something to eat.

Taylor and TJ meet up at the Rib. They suck face. He pulls away and claims he just wants to be with Molly. She heads straight to the bar and asks some dude named Van to buy her a drink. After he gets her a Sex on the Beach, he asks what she will do for him. TJ gets jealous. Van suggests they ditch him and head out. Before they can, TJ tells Van that she's only 16. Van motors. Taylor's miffed. TJ tells her he cares about her. As they hug, Molly and Rafe come in and spot them. They decide to leave.

Alexis is shocked when she walks into Danny's hospital room and sees he's done. Nikolas is sure that Sam must have him. They rehash their family history. She's sure the Cassadines are cursed. "It's the gift that keeps on giving," he jokes. She beats herself up for not knowing who Sam's father is. The prince tells her not to blame herself. He thinks they need to concentrate on what the Ouija board told them. They ponder the J's she's slept with but she can hardly remember them. Monica shows up and fills them in with the latest on Danny.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kiki gets some shocking news.

"What's with the suitcase?" Scott asks Laura.

"I want Carly," Franco says.

Sam doesn't understand why Carly talked Franco out of killing himself.

Patrick has to perform a dangerous surgery on Franco.

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