The Sacrifice.

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

AJ shares Ava's plans with Tracy, Lesley has disappointing news for Laura, and Franco has a confrontation on the bridge.

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At the Floating Rib, Lesley apologizes when she meets Laura late. Laura's surprised Monica let Lesley retrieve what she needed. She's disappointed when she hears Luke was poisoned and has refused treatment. She believes he has gone away to die alone and thinks Tracy will have answers. Lesley thinks she should let it go. Laura refuses. Nearby, Michael tries to apologize to Felix's friend, Penny. He feels bad but she's going through a bad breakup so understands. They try to play pool but Michael is distracted and keeps seeing Kiki's face. Penny notices him staring and wonders if she looks okay. He thinks she looks fine and kisses her. She likes it and asks if he wants to get out of there.

At the Quartermaine's, Kiki asks Morgan what he's doing proposing to her. It just hit him that he wants to be with her the rest of his life. She thinks it has something to do with Michael. He admits the kiss she shared with his brother did upset him but realizes it was before they knew they were cousins. They can put it all behind them now that the attraction is gone. Kiki thinks they're a little young. Morgan doesn't care and waits for an answer. Monica bumps into Tracy when she comes in and discloses she knows Tracy's trying to hide Luke's test results. She's about to warn Tracy about something when she gets paged on an emergency and leaves. AJ catches Ava having a drink and asks if it was a rough day. She's remembering Silas thinking Kiki may be his daughter. Ava only shares that Franco had a seizure and isn't feeling like himself, but AJ should be happy to know that he'll be okay. AJ agrees it might have been a problem for her master plan. Tracy joins them and AJ invites her to pull up a chair while Ava tells them how she planned on taking over ELQ with Franco. Tracy listens to AJ's understanding of what Ava is doing trying to align herself with Franco. Tracy's waiting for a response from Ava when Morgan comes in with Kiki and announces they're getting married. Ava pulls Morgan aside curious about his sudden proposal. Morgan thinks she's pretty clueless for a smart lady. The truth always comes out and Morgan covered things on his end. AJ wonders what's going on between Ava and Morgan. He calls Michael to let him know about the engagement. Meanwhile Tracy's surprised to find Laura at the door.

Carly wonders if Sam is dead when she and Silas find her at the penthouse. Sam wakes up and remembers the struggle. Silas wants to get her to the hospital but when Sam finds out Danny's missing she wants to find him. Dante and a forensics team arrive. Carly convinces Sam to go with Silas to GH for medical attention and promises they will find Danny tonight. Carly asks a picture of Jason where Franco could be? Dante refuses to let her help and threatens to arrest her. Later, he sees she's gone missing.

Elizabeth greets Sam when she arrives at GH. Monica helps treat her. They're disturbed Franco's out there pretending to be Jason. Silas explains he might truly believe he's Jason due to the brain tumor they found.

Franco parks the motorcycle near the bridge and pulls out a gun while he's holding Danny. He's sorry to hurt Danny's mother, but had no choice. He believes there's no one in Port Charles he and Danny can trust. Elizabeth walks over asking, "What about me?" He's surprised someone found him, but remembers Elizabeth could always read him. He thinks maybe the timing's right for them and refuses to let Franco ruin her like he's ruined Sam. Another Franco wearing a hooded jacket appears behind Elizabeth saying, "Guess again." He grabs Elizabeth and threatens her with a knife. Elizabeth calls to Franco holding the gun, "Jason." He shoots hitting her and she falls to the bridge. The hooded Franco picks up Elizabeth and throws her over the bride while Franco holds Danny who's screaming. The hooded Franco rants about how Jason had everything when Monica took him in. After he learned the truth he knew Jason's life should have been his. He confesses that everything he's destroyed is on Jason. For them to end the cycle, Jason must make the sacrifice and end it with Danny. Carly interrupts as Franco is talking about it ending with Danny as he holds the baby over the side of the bridge.

Back at the Floating Rib, Michael gets off the phone with AJ and invites Penny back to his place.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Laura confronts Tracy about Luke.

Taylor kisses TJ.

Molly has bad news for Rafe.

Carly asks Franco why he wants to hurt his own son.

Sam asks Dante if he found Danny.

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