No Small Thing.

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Felix and Michael share notes on Brad, Leslie begs Monica for help, and Silas needs Carly to think like Jason.

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At GH, Monica confronts Lesley for breaking into personal files. She doesn't believe she's consulting on a patient with any doctors she knows. Lesley insults her about only being interested in doctors she's slept with. Monica can't believe Lesley hasn't put that behind her after 30 years. Lesley acts like Monica owes her. Monica apologizes since she's distracted over Danny's health. Lesley confides she's there because of Laura and she needs Monica's help to see Luke's test results. Monica realizes what's going on with Tracy as Leslie begs Monica to look away for two minutes. Monica pretends to be paged and leaves. Meanwhile, Morgan confronts Ava for lying to Silas about Kiki's age. He asks if Kiki is Silas' daughter. Ava's angry that he's eavesdropping and privately warns him it's just a misunderstanding and none of his business. If so, he thinks she shouldn't have a problem with him clearing it up with Silas. Ava reminds Morgan of everything she's done for him. Despite that, Morgan isn't on board with Ava wanting to keep the truth from Kiki. Ava asks if he feels the same if it pushes her into Michael's arms. It's no small thing and Morgan can't believe Kiki would choose Michael over him. Ava wonders if he's willing to bet on it. She asks him to deal with Kiki while she handles Silas. In the exam room, Carly thinks Franco's faking a brain tumor. Elizabeth and Patrick disagree but Carly doesn't want to hear any more. These are the types of games Franco plays. She leaves to get the truth. Patrick and Elizabeth plan Franco's surgery. He notes that he's busy and upset he missed Emma's game and Lamaze. They're both surprised Britt's friendly with Nikolas. Elizabeth asks if he'll talk to him about Britt. He doesn't want to get involved but she doesn't want AJ or Nikolas to get the wrong idea. Patrick agrees. He leaves eager to find Franco. They need to operate before the tumor kills him. Alone, Ava reads Kiki's birth certificate. Silas Clay is listed as the father. In Danny's room, a nurse arrives hoping to find Danny with Dr. Clay. Silas' concerned and calls Sam but gets no answer. Carly finds him and is anxious to find Sam and Franco. After hearing Carly talk about Patrick's lab results, Silas starts to believe Franco's not faking. They find out Franco is missing and he probably took Danny. He needs Carly to think like Jason so they can find them. She has an idea and they leave.

Felix joins Michael as he orders drinks at the Floating Rib. He wonders if his woman problem has anything to do with Brenda. Michael's surprised that's public and clarifies he never slept with his step-mom. Felix quips at least they weren't blood relatives. Michael hangs his head down in shame. Felix doesn't want Michael drinking alone. He's interested in Michael's problems after Michael sympathizes with Felix's problems with Brad. Michael just wants to forget the girl he can't have. Felix's solution to Michael's women problem is to introduce him to his lady friends.

Kiki shows up at the Quartermaine's looking for Morgan. AJ offers to help her find Morgan but he can't. He stops her from leaving because he wants to discuss Michael with her. She sits down and AJ listens as she confesses everything that happened. She just wants to find Morgan and fix things. AJ's annoyed when he finds out Michael confessed to Morgan and starts to worry about how an incest scandal will affect ELQ. She's mad that AJ only cares about ELQ. It's not a scandal if no one knows about their second kiss when they knew they were cousins. AJ wonders if she cares about her relationship with Morgan. He's sorry if he's overstepped but she's thankful he gave her something to think about. She's alone when Morgan arrives. He doesn't want to discuss what happened. He gets down on one knee and proposes.

At the penthouse, Franco greets Sam when she comes home looking for Danny. He wants to know what's wrong with her when she keeps calling him Franco. She's offended he claims to be her husband. He blames himself that she can't remember and forcibly kisses her. She slaps him and threatens to kill him if he does it again. He's tired of her calling him Franco and won't let her see Danny. As he rambles on about her being confused she gets Jason's gun from the closet and loads it. He's certain she's not thinking clearly but he won't listen to her concerns for Danny's health. She promises to shoot when she gets to 'three' but they struggle over the gun and it goes off. Later, Carly and Silas find Sam unconscious.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

AJ asks Ava if she had a rough day.

Monica needs to discuss something with Tracy.

Leslie shares Luke's test results with Laura.

Carly wonders if Sam is dead.

Elizabeth finds 'Jason' with Danny.

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