Who's Your Father?

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Leslie offers to help Laura find info on Luke, Michael and Morgan fight, and Silas is interested in who Kiki's father is.

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At home Tracy sits in the dark reading Luke's letter. She's about to cry when Monica flips on the light. Tracy claims she's worried about Danny and asks if she's a match. Monica reports that no one's a match. She's worried about Tracy who blames her wet eyes on allergies. Monica thinks she's hiding something and admits she looked into Tracy's medical records when Alexis was concerned about Tracy being a match when she thought Tracy was ill. Monica couldn't find any records and accuses Tracy of hiding her illness to take over ELQ. She cares about Tracy. Tracy claims she's fine and Monica can fire the incompetent person who accidently deleted her records. Alone, she curses Luke for his secret. She calls him and pours out her frustration in a message.

Sam looks for Franco in his room and only finds Ava and Kiki. Silas notifies them that he went for a cat scan. Kiki asks why and introduces herself as Ava's daughter. He's surprised Ava has a daughter and is hesitant to follow Sam out. Sam doesn't think this has anything to do with Franco and leaves. Silas asks Kiki who her father is. Ava says Franco is as Kiki gets annoyed with Silas. Silas isn't sure and asks Kiki if it's true. She confirms it and asks him who he is and why he cares. Ava explains Kiki's been tested and that's all he needs to know. Kiki leaves. Alone, Silas asks Ava if Kiki is his daughter. She reiterates Kiki's Franco's, she doesn't kiss and tell. At the nurses' station, Elizabeth's worried about Franco thinking he's Jason. Patrick's not sure it's a stunt and leaves to check the labs. Carly arrives to learn more about Franco's beating and Elizabeth tells her that he currently thinks he's Jason. Carly's mad that Franco's trashing Jason's memory. Patrick returns with what he needs to diagnose Franco. It's for medical personnel only. He and Elizabeth go to an exam room. She's certain he's faking but Patrick finds a brain tumor. Carly barges in and Patrick shows them the tumor affecting Franco's choices between good and evil that went undiagnosed for a long time. He thinks Franco could really believe he's Jason Morgan. Meanwhile in Danny's room, Franco picks up Danny and tells him that he's his daddy. When Sam returns to Danny's room he's gone. When a nurse can't find her baby, Sam's certain she knows what happened and leaves.

Laura and Scott have dinner at Kelly's. She's worried about Luke. Scott admits trying to find out more from Tracy but she's a tough nut to crack. He thinks there's plenty of time for Luke to turn up before Maxie gives birth. Laura has nothing to say. Scott worries she has feelings for Luke and leaves angry as Lesley arrives. Laura's convinced Luke, not Tracy, is sick. Lesley knows what to do and offers to go to GH. Scott returns sorry that they argued. Outside, Michael tries to make things right with Morgan. Morgan gets upset claiming Michael's fixated on Kiki but he too wishes he had someone to talk to. Michael shares everything that led up to him telling Kiki about his rape. He admits he started to see her as a friend instead of a problem and confesses about their first kiss at the apartment. Morgan freaks out upset that Michael did that to him. He punches Michael and leaves. Kiki shows up and turns to leave but wonders what happened to Michael. She gets angry when she hears he told Morgan about their kiss. He's sorry. She can't trust her feelings. He wants her to be happy. She doesn't know if she can without him. He encourages her to salvage her relationship with Morgan.

Back at GH, Morgan overhears yelling and stops by a door as Silas demands that Ava prove Kiki isn't his. She reminds him he didn't want to drudge up their past and suggests he let it go. Morgan steps away as Silas leaves angry. Ava sees Morgan. He confronts her about lying about Kiki's age and believes Franco's not Kiki's father. Meanwhile, Lesley interrupts an intern to use the computer. She pretends she lost her temporary password and the intern is so happy to have met her that she stays logged in for Lesley and leaves. Monica angrily approaches and demands to know what she's doing. Later, Silas finds Danny's room empty.

'Jason' arrives at the penthouse with Danny. He wants to protect him from Franco. He admires a family picture. Sam comes home calling for Franco. 'Jason' comes downstairs telling her not to worry. Franco's not there, it's just the two of them.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly refuses to believe Franco's lab results.

Michael has a drink with Felix.

AJ confronts Kiki about Michael.

Morgan argues with Ava about Kiki's real father.

Silas tries to warn Sam.

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