He's On The Loose.

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Franco gives Elizabeth a warning, Michael tries to stay away from Kiki, and Danny receives a surprise visit.

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Morgan's looking for a job online when Kiki finds blood on the floor of their cabin. He wonders if it's her dad's. Kiki wants to know why her father was there. Morgan remembers leaving him alone with Sonny and Shawn but only says he thinks he knows who did it, the second shooter. Kiki doesn't buy it. He's confused and wonders why she even cares. She remembers Franco thinking it was worth being beat up to see her concern.

Silas and Ava look on while Patrick questions Franco in his hospital room. He claims he's Jason Morgan and asks after his wife and baby, Sam and Danny. Ava wants to know what's going on when Franco doesn't know them. Silas' sure Franco's lying. Patrick kicks them out. Outside, Silas is certain Franco's doing this to keep his and Ava's secret. He wonders if she put him up to this and thinks she should just tell him what they're hiding. She goes back in the room and overhears Patrick telling 'Jason' that he knows him well and will find out what's wrong. Franco agrees, but then wants to see his family. A technician takes him for lab work as Silas claps at his performance. Kiki finds Ava alone in Franco's room and wants to know how he's doing. Ava thinks the question should be, "Who is he?" She's eager to get Kiki out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Nikolas enjoyed pitching in for Patrick. Elizabeth sees Britt hug him appreciatively as Nikolas offers to help any time before leaving. Elizabeth asks, "Dr. Westbourne, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Britt doesn't want to hear it but realizes Elizabeth is the woman who screwed Nikolas over. She suggests Elizabeth has buyer remorse with AJ. Leaving, Britt bumps into Brad who tells her Michael Corinthos knows about them but won't tell because Brad knows about him and Kiki. Britt is telling him to keep his nose clean when Patrick interrupts and apologizes for missing Lamaze. Elsewhere, 'Jason' runs into Elizabeth and apologizes for choosing Sam over her. He warns her that Franco's alive and on the loose. In Danny's room, Alexis promises Sam that they'll find a match. Molly overhears Sam feeling hopeless about her father being able to help. They ask Molly why she thinks that's weird. Brad interrupts them with test results on donors. He's distracted when Nikolas comes in but continues. There's no match yet, but Franco's sample is yet to be tested. Sam's concerned that everything now hinges on Franco. Alone with Alexis and Sam, Molly asks Alexis if Sam's father's name starts with a 'J' as suggested by the Ouija board. Silas comes in to alert Sam that Franco is now claiming to be Jason. She leaves ready to kill Franco. Silas finds Ava and asks who Kiki is. Kiki introduces herself as her daughter. Silas stares at Ava at the revelation. Franco finds Danny alone in his room and says, "I'm your father."

Outside the Falconeri's, Connie lets Sonny know she saw the therapist to tell him they're back together. She'll be home soon but needs to take care of something first. Olivia tries to brush her off but Connie won't let up and admits knowing something happened between her and Sonny. Olivia continues to deny there's anything but Connie knows there's more and is hesitant to move on without talking. Olivia is putting Connie first, but sadly Connie has never done that for her. She's starting to think the only reason Connie is ready to get back into Sonny's life is because she saw the two of them together. Connie apologizes but is frustrated and wonders if Olivia thought she should have bowed out. Olivia knows that is what she did, but Connie made her choice.

At home, Sonny gets off the phone as Dante comes in and calls him a liar. He's angry with Sonny for kicking his mom to the curb at the first opportunity he had to get Connie back. Sonny clarifies that Olivia's the one who left. Dante's certain the only reason Connie's back is because Olivia was with him. After, Morgan arrives to give Sonny the money back that was given for him to leave when Shawn beat up Franco. He doesn't like lying to Kiki. Later, Connie shows up and asks if he thinks they're doing the right thing. He does.

Michael bumps into AJ at Kelly's. AJ's happy to share how Carly helped him to realize Ava's making a play for ELQ. With Kiki involved, Michael refuses to get involved and confesses to what happened at GH. Between the kiss and almost getting blackmailed into having sex, he's done. AJ's impressed with how Michael handled Brad.

Dante comes home and asks Olivia how she's doing. She denies she's crying, maybe she caught Lulu's cold.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Scott asks Laura if she has feelings for Luke.

Silas didn't know Ava had a daughter.

Michael needs to talk to Morgan about Kiki.

Carly laughs when she hears Franco's pretending to be Jason.

Sam finds Danny missing.

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