Who Is J?

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Sonny and Connie discuss starting anew, Rafe and Molly try to communicate with the dead, and Alexis remembers meeting Sam's father.

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At Sonny's, Olivia's certain Sonny and Kate are meant to be. Olivia leaves and doesn't want anyone fussing over her. Connie thinks she's missing something when Olivia snaps at her before leaving. Alone, Sonny does not want to risk Connie having another relapse and wants to know where they should start. She begins by asking if there is any unfinished business between him and Olivia. Sonny denies anything would have happened between them since they both love Connie. She remembers how he suffered waiting for her during recovery and wants to make things right. They kiss and remember how they've missed each other. He promises they'll take things slow.

Maxie arrives at the Falconeri's with important news but has a hard time getting the words out. Lulu wants Maxie to just to say it. They are interrupted when Olivia shows up looking for a place to stay. She announces Sonny and Connie are back together and bursts into tears. She denies anything is going on romantically between her and Sonny but they've been getting closer. Maxie thinks what happened is her fault but Olivia won't let her take the blame and praises the person carrying her grand baby daughter. Lulu reminds Maxie she came to tell them something. Maxie decides to invite the couple to Lamaze class.

Spinelli wanders around an art gallery spiffed-up in a white suit pretending to be a buyer named Millhouse. Ava's not available but her assistant, Simone Joseph, offers to help. She suggests his client contact Ava to purchase art when he starts to ask personal questions about Franco and Ava. When asked he tells her his client is Dr. Silas Clay. He insinuates they both know something about Ava and Silas and tries to learn more. Simone's surprised he knows anything about the horrible thing that happened. When neither of them can be more specific with details about what they know, Simone calls him on it and threatens to call the police.

At GH, Ava jokes that she and Silas should stop meeting like this. He wants her to stop skulking around his workplace. She shatters his illusion that she is there because of him and admits she's visiting Franco. Ava's surprised he's heard of Franco. Silas confesses hearing about him from a mental patient. He knows about how he tortured the mother of one of his patients. Ava asks when he became interested in mothers of his patients and he inquires when she became interested in crazy artists. He knows she's lying when she claims it is related to business. She grabs his arm when he attempts to enter Franco's room and he wants to know why. She wonders why he cares when he can't even talk about the two of them. He threatens she'll regret it if they go there. Alone, she receives a call from Simone about someone asking questions about her and Dr. Clay. In the exam room, Alexis goes over all the recent donor candidates. Sam is interested in the one person who is not on the list, her father. She realizes this is hard for Alexis but thinks it's time she knows who her father is. Perhaps he or another unknown family member of his could help Danny. Alexis is moved by her plea and decides to tell her. She shares how difficult boarding school was and tells about the night she met Sam's father, a boy from a private school. She remembers the boy with the messy hair and leather jacket who took her for a walk after a drink. He warmed her up in the backseat of his car and she lost her virginity. The next thing she remembers is being pregnant and her family telling her to give her baby up for adoption. Sam asks who her father is. Alexis breaks down crying. She doesn't know, that is why she never told Sam.

At home, Molly and Rafe discuss Sam's predicament and how none of them knew her father. He confesses about trying to talk to his father using an Ouija board when he was a kid. His mom was worried he'd learn the truth and stopped him. Molly pulls out their Ouija board and asks if he'd like to try again. They are not alone and Rafe receives the message, 'I love you,' from his father. Rafe admits he loves him too. Molly decides she wants to ask a question too, and inquires if he knows who Sam's father is. The answer 'Yes' comes back. She asks who and only the letter 'J' is pointed out to them.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sabrina's surprised that Patrick has plans with Britt.

Dante receives an emergency phone call.

Maxie refuses to let Spinelli be her partner in parenting.

Ava wonders why Silas is at Franco's bedside.

Carly has a problem with Ava.

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