Time Doesn't Change Feelings.

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Maxie struggles as Georgie pleas with her to do the right thing, Connie confronts Sonny and Olivia, and Danny's rushed to the hospital.

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Maxie's surprised to see Georgie sitting in Connie's office. She's there to keep Maxie from making bad choices. Maxie doesn't believe she has and Georgie reminds her that she slept with Franco. She knows Maxie has bonded with her daughter and thinks Spinelli has a right to know. Maxie can't destroy Lulu in this way. Georgie's certain she'll be destroying herself when she gives up her baby after giving birth. Maxie wants Georgie to tell her what to do; it's not fair she's not with her anymore. Georgie confesses she'll always be in Maxie's heart and is gone when Maxie turns around.

Sam and Silas arrive at Alexis' to check on Danny. Molly texts her dad, Ric, about Danny's health. Rafe's confused that Sam has no contact with Danny's grandfather. Molly explains they have different fathers.

Spinelli investigates Ava Jerome at Kelly's. Ellie joins him upset at the way they left things. She doesn’t want him to feel bad every time he sees a baby and knows she can give him what he wants. Spinelli asks if she's changed her mind about having a baby. She admits she's looking at things in a new light thanks to him. If a baby is what he really wants, they can make it happen. Spinelli doesn't think this is like her. She confesses it's the facts that made her change her mind. It's a sacrifice worth making if you really love someone. He doesn't expect a decision now and they hug before they part. Georgie looks on smiling. She tells him to be happy and not to be hard on Maxie when it all comes out. Spinelli looks over his shoulder thinking someone was there.

At GH, Alexis is confused when Ava barges in asking Franco what he did now before turning sweet. She wants to know who did this and Franco lies about falling down the stairs. Believing Alexis is Franco's nurse she inquires about how he is. Franco introduces them and Ava shares her concern over Danny. Both Franco and Alexis look askew at her thinking her concern is not genuine. Alexis leaves them alone and Franco confides he walked into a door named Sonny who wanted him to find other living quarters. Ava's not fooled by Franco giving Sonny a second chance by not turning him in and knows he has something to hold over Sonny. He jokes she knows him so well and remembers their kiss. She doesn't want him to fool himself since she remembers having something better with someone else. Franco's surprised he's not the love of her life. Meanwhile, Alexis sees Sam and Silas rush in with Danny. Sam's upset to hear the protocol is not working. She cries for Jason and Silas comforts her. Later, Sam tells Alexis her father should be considered as a donor.

Sonny answers his door at home eager to send whomever away so he can return his attentions to Olivia. Connie stands there wondering if she interrupted something. Olivia thinks she's there to take her home but Connie admits it has nothing to do with her. It's between her and Sonny. She wants him back. Olivia tries to leave them alone but Connie asks her to stay. She admits there's something missing in her life. If there's no chance she'll split again she thinks there's nothing standing in their way. She waits for Sonny to say something. He remembers how he had to put her out of his life. Connie's confused thinking he doesn't want her anymore. She asks, "Are you with Olivia now?" They tell her it is the truth that nothing was going on. Olivia admits to loving Sonny and that it's all about Dante. She knows Sonny belongs with Connie. She doesn't want Sonny to leave Connie hanging and tells him to say it, that he loves Connie and wants her back. Connie doesn't need an answer, just time to work things out. Sonny doesn't want Olivia to leave but she's ready to pack so Sonny and Connie can work things out. Privately, Sonny tells Olivia he meant everything he said. She just wants them to be happy. Sonny asks, "What about your happiness?"

Lulu arrives at home and shares Maxie's baby name suggestion with Dante. She concluded it isn't their name to give and wants Maxie to keep the name for her own daughter. She feels guilty remembering what she did to Georgie and regrets never having had the chance to make it up to her. Dante thinks it was a long time ago. They talk about recent developments in the hit on Franco and Dante confides he's certain Carly, Sonny and Shawn were all involved. He's upset that everyone is lying about Sonny's part in Franco's beating. They're interrupted when Maxie arrives.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Connie wants to know if there is unfinished business between Olivia and Sonny.

Maxie has something important to tell Lulu and Dante.

Spinelli visits an art gallery out of town.

Silas is not interested in reminiscing with Ava.

Sam asks if it's time for her to know who her father is.

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