Bad Things Happen.

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Dante takes a statement from Franco and Alexis, Maxie wants to tell Lulu something, and Heather makes demands.

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Dante visits Olivia at Sonny's. Sonny's taking excellent care of her. He's not comfortable with her staying there, but Olivia's certain Sonny hasn't laid a finger on Franco. Sonny overhears and interrupts to confirm Olivia's right, he didn't touch Franco. Dante receives a call on an assault. Someone beat the crap out of Franco. Olivia wonders if Dante's there to visit her or interrogate Sonny. Alone, Sonny sticks to his story but Olivia knows it only means he had someone else beat up Franco. She's on his side and won't turn him in. They kiss until he receives a call. Later, Olivia tells him if they cross this line they can't lie to Connie about it. They kiss and are about to go upstairs when the doorbell rings. Sonny promises to get rid of the person.

At GH, Morgan wonders what's bothering Kiki. She receives a message from Michael that he got Brad to back off. She explains she's thinking about her cousin. Their attention changes to Alexis calling for help while dragging in a bloodied Franco. No one answers Kiki when she wants to know what happened. She turns to Morgan to ask if he knows. He claims he couldn't know since he's been with her and suggests she go see Franco. In the exam room, Franco's pleased that Kiki's worried and tells her so when she comes in. Dante follows and wants to know the same. He's surprised Alexis is there. When Kiki leaves, Franco confesses to walking into a door, many times. Alexis didn't see anything. Morgan phones Sonny to warn him that Dante's questioning Franco before Kiki rejoins him. Dante comes out without any answers. Morgan and Kiki confirm they weren't at the pool house and don't know what happened either.

Molly and Rafe are at home watching Danny. Rafe's surprised Sam's gone and Molly explains she's looking for another donor with Silas. She shares that Silas is Danny's new doctor and he has a job at GH. Rafe is happy he won't be far away from Molly. He wants her to make things right with TJ and knows anything can happen. They realize Danny doesn't look well and has a fever.

Sam thinks Silas will regret coming with her when they arrive at Shady Brook. He's upset but thinks he can handle it when Sam tries to warn him about something. Silas walks in on Heather who freaks out and threatens him with a chair to get away from her. He promises not to hurt her as Sam calms her down and introduces him as Steven Clay's brother. Sam needs Heather's help and tells her Danny has leukemia. Heather surprises them both when she confesses she'd jump off a roof before helping her. She goes off on Sam about not being able to give her son a letter. Sam asks Heather if she's tortured her enough. She regrets coming and is certain Heather won't help. Silas holds her back, certain himself that Heather will help. Silas begins negotiations. Heather wants more than someone to deliver her stack of letters to Stephen Lars. She'd kill kittens for a BLT from Kelly's and is happy when he promises she'll get one a week. Finally she wants another visit from the adorable Franco. They shake on it and Heather gets swabbed. After, Sam and Silas receive calls from Molly and Rafe about Danny's fever.

At Kelly's, TJ asks Shawn if it's blood he sees on his shirt. Shawn says it's ketchup and mentions he and Alexis broke up because of his job with Sonny. He promises no harm will ever come to TJ because of his work. TJ understands it wasn't ketchup.

Lulu interrupts Maxie as she's telling the baby that everything is okay and her mother is there. Maxie shows Lulu a compact mirror to prove she saw her come in and save face. Lulu wants to discuss baby names. Maxie doesn't think she should help but Lulu doesn't want her baby walking around as Mildred Rocco Falconeri. She's certain Maxie has the perfect name when she sees the look on her face. Maxie holds out a picture of her and her sister and says, "Georgie." Lulu wants Maxie to save the name for her own daughter someday. Maxie's ready to tell Lulu the truth when Connie storms in needing help to select a dress to win Sonny back. She suggests Lulu can help too if she won't leave. Later, Maxie decides not to tell Lulu. Alone, she tells the baby she is hers. Maxie's startled when Connie's office buzzes her. She's surprised to see Georgie when she walks in.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Georgie greets Maxie.

Ellie tells Damian she can give him a baby.

Danny burns up with a fever.

Franco wonders what took Ava so long to join him at GH.

Connie asks Sonny if he's with Olivia now.

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