One Cup Of Coffee.

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Carly hires Spinelli, Sonny and Shawn visit Franco and Sam remembers one more possible donor candidate.

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At home, Alexis sadly remembers breaking things off with Shawn when Sam arrives announcing that Silas is Danny's new doctor. Alexis has doubts given his bedside manner that he's the best doctor but Sam has hopes he can save her son's life. Alexis asks if there is anyone left to call and Sam's certain all is handled except for one who may need a face-to-face visit, Franco. Alexis doesn't want Franco to use this to worm his way into Sam's life again and decides she will approach Franco. Sam finally agrees under the condition that she takes Shawn with her. That won't happen since they broke up. Sam can't understand and wants to know what came between them. Alexis clarifies it's not what but who, Sonny. They share notes on their relationships with Sonny's enforcers before Alexis leaves to find Franco.

At home, Sonny confirms Shawn is committed to his services and wants to know if Alexis is a problem. Shawn agrees and mentions she is no longer a factor. Sonny is ready to send Franco a message not to mess with anybody. They decide to handle things at the Quartermaine's.

At the pool house, Franco overhears Morgan talking to himself. Morgan hopes he's making the correct purchase to take Michael off of Kiki's mind. Franco wonders why Morgan thinks her happiness can be bought as he takes in Kiki's new digs. He's disappointed they moved out of the main house and wants to spend time with Kiki. Morgan explains she's trying to save her cousin's life. Franco's confused when he learns of Danny's situation and becomes angry that no one asked him. Sonny and Shawn arrive as he finishes up his rant about being the boy's best chance and how he will show them. Morgan's under the impression his dad came to visit him but Sonny and Shawn need him to leave. Sonny gives Morgan cash and he departs. Alone with Franco, Sonny threatens swift and terrible retribution if harm comes to anyone he cares about before he directs Shawn to beat Franco. Alexis walks in on them and finds Franco battered and bleeding.

Ava and Silas are surprised to see each other when she arrives at GH looking for Kiki. It's been years, but they find each other looking good. Silas is tired of the exchange but Ava refuses to let him walk away from her again. As he tries to part ways she lets him know they will see each other now that she lives in Port Charles too. She begs for one cup of coffee and then promises never to see him again. He stops the elevator for her to join him and agrees. In the exam room, Michael tries to make it clear to Kiki that there's nothing between them but kisses her instead. Brad's excited to be a witness to the exchange when he returns and does his best to make them feel uncomfortable. He gives them a lesson in genealogy and makes a coy attempt to barter for his silence. Michael cuts to the chase and asks Brad how much he wants. Brad makes it clear that he wants Michael sexually. Michael refuses and suggests Brad broadcast his meaningless kiss from the rooftops if he wants. Since Michael doesn't care, Brad promises to tell the next person who walks through the door. On cue, Morgan arrives looking for Kiki.

Outside Kelly's, Duke gives Anna a flower, happy to have what's left of her time when she's not investigating Franco's murder. Anna's disappointed that her leads are cold despite the fact there are enough people who want Franco dead. She's happy to have his support. They're holding hands when Ava and Silas arrive. Duke greets her and she responds in kind. Introductions are exchanged before Silas takes Ava inside leaving Anna and Duke to question the relationship between the two of them. Meanwhile, Carly offers Spinelli a job investigating Ava Jerome. She's curious as to why Ava is back together with Franco. Spinelli shares his practical point of view on the matter that it's because they had a child together but Carly's certain they are up to something. Spinelli is considering where to start when Carly points to Ava at a table nearby and tells him to start there. Quietly, Ava considers if she and Silas still have feelings for each other. He pulls his hand away when she touches him. Thinking this is a bad idea, Silas leaves. Carly and Spinelli wonder why they're together and see the brief exchange. Back outside, Duke and Anna wonder why Silas and Ava leave separately.

Sam gets off the phone with Spinelli at Alexis' when she remembers another donor candidate. She's interrupted by a knock and finds Silas at the door.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam wonders who ticked off Silas.

Tracy asks Ava who's got her worked up.

Scott observes Lucy and Laura's partnership woes.

Brad has something important to discuss with Morgan.

Alexis stops Sonny and Shawn from killing Franco.

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