Independence Day.

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Port Charles gets ready for the fireworks, Shawn has bad news for Alexis, and Michael and Morgan fight about Kiki.

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At Sonny's, Shawn's about to tell Sonny he's quitting when Milo bursts in saying, "I quit." He's not like Shawn and has different dreams. Sonny wishes Milo well but cautions him to remember his loyalty. Max comes downstairs and drags Milo outside when he learns he quit. Sonny understands Milo wasn't right for the business. Shawn says, "Like me." Sonny asks Shawn what he has to say. Shawn apologizes for the hit gone bad and leaves. Alone, Sonny smiles at a picture of himself with Max and Milo. Outside, Max confronts Milo. Milo has made his decision despite how Max feels. Olivia finds Sonny and asks if something's wrong. He's happy she's there and was worried Shawn was going to quit too. Olivia thinks everything will be okay and is excited she'll see the fireworks from Sonny's. He wants to remind Olivia of a past Fourth of July and kisses her on the deck.

Alexis prepares an intimate dinner at home. Nikolas arrives offering to be tested as a donor for Daniel. He wonders if she's planning a breakup dinner. Alexis made Shawn choose and he chose her. She believes he's breaking the news to Sonny. Nikolas admits he's facing the harsh reality that Elizabeth went back to AJ. He greets Shawn as he leaves, hoping they'll enjoy the fireworks. Alone, Alexis thinks something's wrong and asks Shawn if Sonny got mad. He admits he didn't quit. It's more than about killing, it's about protecting. Alexis' confused that he can't let it go and she can't live with that. He loves her, but it's not enough.

At the park, Patrick reminds Britt she's on bed rest. She wants to celebrate with someone. He invites her to eat. Britt has forgone being a vegetarian and bites into a burger for the baby's sake. Sabrina reminds Emma about being big girls about Britt. She suggests Emma share the doll with Britt to practice being a mom. Emma offers the doll to Britt and tells her it does everything a real doll does. Britt freaks out when the doll wets on her and flings it through the air. It catches fire on the grill. Mac and Patrick put it out. Emma blames Britt for the charred doll. Sabrina hopes Britt will be more maternal with the real thing and helps Emma bury her doll. Britt apologizes to Patrick and promises she'll be a good mom before leaving. Nearby, AJ starts the grill before Elizabeth presents him with a 'kiss the cook' apron. He enjoys the time with them, and reflects on the time he missed raising Michael. He wants to be a good father and hopes to help him through something. Elizabeth thinks he's being hard on himself and offers parenting advice to do the best. She shares her own regrets and opens up about wanting a man in Aiden's life. Meanwhile, Nikolas loses Spencer who runs down a path. Milo catches him and confesses he's not on paid leave. He just quit. Nikolas jokes about him needing a mob temp agency.

Michael approaches the pool house and practices how he'll ask Kiki to be a donor. Kiki invites him in when he knocks. He's surprised to see her hands bound together above her head to the bed and starts to call the police wondering who did this to her. She tells him not to make the call since Morgan tied her up. Michael's confused and finds it degrading. He leans over to untie her. They find themselves face-to-face in the process when Morgan comes in and snaps. Michael yells at him for leaving her like this. Morgan wonders if he's mad because he's dissing Kiki or because Michael didn't tie her up himself. They argue and shove each other when Michael refuses to leave. He's adamant that he has a reason to be there yelling that it’s a matter of life and death. Kiki is eager to help her baby cousin if she can when she hears Michael's request. Kiki is no longer in the mood when Michael leaves. Morgan apologizes but kisses her anyway. Outside Michael watches the fireworks.

In the park during the fireworks, Mac kisses Felicia while Patrick enjoys time with Sabrina and Emma. Elizabeth and AJ kiss. Spencer sees Elizabeth with AJ but Nikolas suggests they shouldn't join them. He finds Britt crying and admits he's having a bad day too. He invites her to join them and she agrees. Max finds Milo on a park bench and they eat their hotdogs together.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas tells Sam there's no way to save Danny.

Maxie asks Connie who the hussy is sweeping in on her territory.

Spinelli yells at Ellie for not telling him Maxie is carrying his child.

Lulu tells Dante they have a problem.

Ava wants to keep a secret with Morgan.

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