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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Michael has to visit Kiki, Milo and Shawn try to tell Sonny something, and Emma doesn't want a baby.

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Max and Milo help Sonny bring Olivia home. Milo receives a call from Lucy inquiring if he's ready to change his mind about her job offer as the Head Fitness Guru for Deception. Inside Olivia doesn't want Sonny to go through the trouble of ordering lunch. He takes her hand reminding her he'll take care of her. She pulls her hand away and confesses Connie may be jealous. Her concern turns to disappointment when Sonny says there's nothing romantic between them and Connie will see that. Outside Max bugs Milo about not having his head in the game. Milo admits Lucy offered him a job. Max doesn't think Milo is cut out for anything and that is why he got him the job with Sonny as a favor to their father. Milo walks away hurt.

In the apartment, Sabrina and Felix are confused by Britt's lab results. Britt interrupts saying, "Believe it." She announces she and the baby aren't going anywhere. They wonder why she's not in a wheelchair. Britt feels so much better knowing the results of the paternity test. Taylor wakes up to find out the paternity test was in Britt's favor and tells them to apologize to her. They refuse and leave. Alone, Taylor admits to being dumped by TJ and to 'accidentally' telling Molly they had sex. Britt thinks it was well-played and they high-five. She gets Taylor to thinking she can seal the deal with TJ.

At Kelly's, Shawn's surprised when TJ explains he isn't going to Alexis' because Molly broke up with him again when he didn't tell her he slept with Taylor before she offered the clean slate. Shawn thinks he should fight for her. Later, Felix meets Lucy who offers him a job as Head Nurse with Deception. He's not interested. Nearby, Milo overhears Felix wishing everyone could love their job like he does. Milo interrupts deciding he'd love to take the job he was offered. Lucy's ecstatic. At the counter, TJ wonders how he can make it right. Felix says, "I'd like to know that too." Taylor arrives and says she can handle it. Alone, TJ apologizes and she asks him to make it up by spending the holiday with her.

Mac and Felicia join Emma and Patrick in the park. They give her a gift of a baby doll which she throws to the ground screaming, "I don't want a baby!" Emma's inconsolable until Sabrina arrives. Sabrina calms her down and knows how they will both love the baby as much as they love her father. Emma apologizes to Mac and Felicia and accepts the doll. Alone, Sabrina admits to Patrick that everything she said is true, and she'll love the baby as much as she loves him. They're kissing with Emma nearby sharing an, "Ewww" when Britt arrives.

Alexis stares out the window at home when Molly asks if Shawn's coming over. Alexis hopes he'll be there soon with TJ. Molly's surprised to hear TJ's coming. Rafe realizes Molly hasn't told Alexis that TJ slept with Taylor. Molly doesn't blame Rafe for the kiss in the park but is certain Taylor has it out for her. Rafe thinks she should tell TJ that. Molly is starting to believe TJ and Taylor deserve each other. Meanwhile, Alexis thanks Michael for coming and asks for help finding Danny a donor. She wants him to talk to Kiki since she heard they're close. Michael's sorry, but he can't talk to Kiki. He's surprised when she says she understands. She knows it would be hard to step back into the Quartermaine house after Franco returned bringing back memories of the rape. He says it isn't that and offers to call Kiki. Alexis tells him it's something that should be done in person. Later she asks Molly if something's wrong. Molly claims she's good and they leave Alexis to wait for Shawn.

Morgan leads Kiki blindfolded to the pool house. She sees the shabby-chic renovated room furnished with a bed when he takes off the blindfold and welcomes her to her new humble abode. He's certain it's a solution they can live with that keeps them away from their parents and out of Michael's apartment. They decide to christen the place. Morgan gets kinky and puts the blindfold back on her. She fantasizes that Michael is kissing her all over. She screams it's wrong and removes the blindfold. He ties her up with it instead and leaves to get whip cream. Michael arrives and opens the door when Kiki says, "Come in." He sees her tied up.

Shawn visits Sonny's. He's getting ready to tell him he's quitting when Milo walks in with Olivia's lunch and says, "Boss, I quit."

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