Sleeping With The Enemy.

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Connie's confused about Olivia and Sonny's relationship, Lucy gets support for Deception, and Carly and Sonny try to work things out.

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At the Quartermaine's, Franco's not convinced Carly hired both shooters. He suggests Ava's responsible and she can't fool him. She tries to convince him otherwise and calls him delusional. He questions what she thinks Sonny will do when he finds out she shot Olivia. Ava thinks she's done nothing wrong and doesn't believe Sonny would take Franco's word that she did it. Franco knows she's as much an art dealer as he is just an artist. She tempts him to prove she's responsible and that she had a motive to kill him. He knows she didn't think it through and now she can use him to her advantage and try again later. They reflect on their past and she remembers when he was happy. He's happy they're back together, if she doesn't muck it up. She invites him to bed, so as to be a believable couple.

At GH, Connie can't wait to bring Olivia home. Olivia mentions Sonny's taking care of her. Connie gets upset but Olivia just couldn't refuse Sonny's offer since he felt responsible. Connie thinks that's illogical and wants Olivia to call Sonny about a change in plans. Olivia knows Sonny's getting ready for her and she doesn't want to put Connie out. Connie suggests Olivia should fess up and confess she'd rather stay with Sonny. Olivia assures her there is nothing going on between them. Connie decides Olivia shouldn't refuse Sonny's invitation on her account. She has no problem.

Sonny gives Max and Milo instructions at the house to get ready for Olivia. Milo wants to know what they should get ready in his room. Sonny isn't amused and yells at him for his bad choices with Lulu. An argument ensues and Max reminds Milo that the first requirement of employment to Sonny is loyalty. He's dismissed to open the door. Max does his best to apologize for Milo when he returns with Carly. Alone, she discusses Olivia's good health and her good fortune that Shawn wasn't the shooter. Sonny remembers her betrayal. She couldn't forget given his threat to kill her and asks if he would have. The question's mute to him now. Carly wonders what changed for him to promise to kill someone he loved if Olivia died and surmises Sonny must love Olivia too. Sonny wants Carly in his life and makes certain she knows she can't cross that line ever again. They apologize and hug. She shares her continued concern of Franco since Morgan lives with him now. Sonny will take care of it.

Tracy tells Lulu and Laura that Luke's gone when they visit the Metro Court. Lulu believes the health tests were more serious than previously thought. Tracy reiterates how healthy she is. Laura has no doubt that is true and confesses they believe Luke's the one who's ill. Tracy sticks to her lies, claiming both her and Luke are fine. Lulu's thankful and hugs Tracy. Laura adds that if she's covering for Luke, she's making a big mistake.

Elizabeth visits AJ at ELQ. He's happy to see her unless she's there to tell him it's over. She's ready to talk about where they are going post-Carly. He's afraid he's used up all of his chances. She remembers all the things she would have done differently with Jason and regrets denying AJ a second chance. She's realized he's changed and she could take a chance even if it means getting hurt, because it's the same chance he would be taking with her. He wonders if she's forgiving him and she admits there's nothing to forgive. He's excited she wants to try again. They seal it with a kiss. He promises no more mistakes and Elizabeth promises to let Nikolas know where they stand. Alone, AJ calls Monica to tell her the news.

At Kelly's, Nikolas replays Tracy's recording of AJ's confession then deletes it. Lucy joins him before he can leave and is there to make him an offer he can't refuse. She flashes a Deception binder but he doesn't see where it will fit in his portfolio. She chides his decision in supporting Tracy's relish but Nikolas doesn't have any more faith in her than he did Tracy. She asks if he has faith in his mother. Nikolas sits back down surprised to hear about their partnership. Lucy begs him to think of Laura and is certain he'll support them. Nearby, Max explains to Milo he just needs to do what he's told or he'll lose his job. Milo considers maybe he doesn't want the job anymore. Lucy interrupts them and alone tells Milo she may have found him his calling. She hands him a Deception business card. Max wonders what that was about when she leaves. Milo says, "Nothing." Meanwhile, Elizabeth arrives to tell Nikolas she's back together with AJ.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Emma doesn't want a stupid baby.

Taylor thinks Felix and Sabrina owe Britt an apology.

Michael kisses Kiki.

Shawn tells TJ not to give up on a relationship worth fighting for.

Olivia holds Sonny's hand and thinks staying with him is a good idea.

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