Catch You On The Flipside.

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Tracy packs for a trip, Elizabeth confronts Nikolas, and Alexis offers Shawn an ultimatum.

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At GH, Elizabeth receives flowers and asks an on-call nurse to cover for her.

At Alexis' house, Shawn tells Alexis he didn't shoot Olivia and believes it should change everything. Alexis isn't moved and Shawn shooting someone for hire is unacceptable. He thinks there is a double-standard since she has a relationship with Sonny. She defends the father of her child, but admits to loving Shawn. He doesn't want her to throw it all away. She offers an ultimatum for him to quit working for Sonny. Shawn considers it on the condition that she stops working for Sonny as well. Alexis describes her reasons are moral ones and he doesn't have a moral objection to her representing Sonny. Shawn loves Alexis and agrees to her terms. They kiss.

At the Quartermaine's, Kiki waits with Morgan wondering what their parents are talking about. In the living room, Carly denies being responsible for the shooting. Franco knows she was and threatens to tell Morgan if she's not careful. Carly pushes the newspaper at Franco letting him know someone else wants him dead. He suggests she could have hired two shooters. She doesn't want him to put Morgan's life in danger. Franco won't and wants what's best for Kiki. Carly doesn't care what he thinks if the PCPD thinks she's innocent. Ava asks if she cares what her son thinks. Carly reprimands Ava for not calling them when Morgan was in trouble. Ava knows all she needs to know about Carly and Sonny from Morgan who was shipped away for protection from his father. She finds Carly hypocritical. To separate the women, Franco calls Morgan and Kiki in announcing Carly has made a decision. Put on the spot, Carly decides that Morgan can stay. Morgan wonders what they have on her. Ava attempts to save Carly with excuses that she convinced her that Kiki and Morgan are serious and Franco is a changed man. Morgan thanks Carly before leaving with Kiki. Carly promises to find out what game they're playing and threatens they should watch out. Alone, Ava's pleased with herself until Franco mentions he thinks she was the other shooter.

Laura and Nikolas wait for Lulu at Kelly's. She arrives and teases that she found out the sex of the baby. They have to pry the information from her after she rambles on excitedly before announcing they can shop for pink. Nikolas thinks she'll make the best mother. Lulu tells Nikolas how much she loves him and confesses it was her fault that he got shot. Nikolas tells her not to apologize because of the actions of his father. Nikolas leaves the table after Elizabeth enters. Alone, Lulu shares with Laura that she's worried about what Luke didn't say when she told him the news about the baby. They compare notes on what they know about Tracy's health and consider that something's wrong with Luke instead. Nearby, Elizabeth returns Nikolas' phone and wishes she never heard the confession to begin with. She asks why he didn't tell her she wasn't with AJ when he slept with Carly. Nikolas claims he didn't know, but Elizabeth thinks he was eager to leave that out.

At ELQ, Michael confesses to AJ that he saw Kiki topless. AJ advises he stay away from his cousin. Michael wants to be sent out of the country. AJ refuses; he needs Michael more than Duke. Michael's more than a son, he's a friend. Michael reminds him he has Elizabeth but AJ doesn't think that's true anymore because she found out he slept with Carly. Michael spits his drink out surprised at the news. AJ promises it is something that won't happen again and he hopes Elizabeth is not questioning if they are over with Nikolas. Elizabeth arrives and Michael leaves.

In his room, Tracy disturbs Luke's packing and tries to persuade him to let her go arguing the money she gave Jerry is at stake. Luke knows he is a dead man walking and he has more to lose than her. Tracy wants to help save his life but Luke thinks she should keep an eye on her two nephews. They don't excite her or infuriate her more than he does and she reminds him they are partners in crime. He tells her they're wasting time and asks her to go pack. Alone, Luke writes a letter. Tracy returns with luggage and reads the note addressed to 'Spanky' reminding her she's the Bonnie to his Clyde but that didn't turn out well. He'll do this on his own and will catch her on the flipside. He asks her to keep it under her hat. She opens the door when she hears a knock and sees Lulu and Laura.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ava suggests Franco watch his step.

Laura asks Tracy for the truth.

Lucy wants to make Nikolas an offer.

Connie thinks Olivia believes Sonny wants her.

Carly asks Sonny if he would have killed her.

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