So Many Suspects, So Little Time.

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Carly tries to bring Morgan home, Lulu finds Luke packing for a trip, and Shawn visits Alexis.

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At Kelly's, TJ's happy that he and Molly are back together. Shawn asks if he plans on straightening things out with Taylor. TJ reluctantly decides he will. Outside, Taylor tells Molly that she and TJ had sex. Molly thinks she's lying; TJ would never do that. Taylor suggests she ask TJ as he comes out. TJ admits he did and tries to explain it was after he saw her kissing Rafe. Molly runs off upset. Taylor pretends to be sorry.

Alexis comes home and finds out from Sam and Rafe how Danny's doing. Alexis' eager to get tested to be a bone marrow transplant candidate when asked. Alone, Sam thinks she's in the way and will leave so Alexis can have her life back and spend time with Shawn. Alexis confesses there's a wrinkle in her relationship with Shawn, before he arrives unexpectedly. Rafe and Sam leave the two of them alone. Shawn announces there's been a development in the shooting. Outside, Rafe hears Molly crying.

At the Quartermaine's, Franco watches the ELQ shares while Ava remembers trying to shoot him. Kiki walks in and tries to leave when she sees them. Ava stops her and Kiki confesses she knows they made a deal. Ava confirms they did but it has nothing to do with ELQ. Franco adds that they are getting back together. Kiki stares on in disbelief. They confess they were more than a hook-up, it was something special. They are doing this for her and regret not giving her a family. Kiki's certain something's off and Ava can't convince her otherwise. Franco thinks he can and kisses Ava. Meanwhile, Carly stops by wanting to take Morgan home. Morgan doesn't care what Michael told her, he's not leaving without Kiki. Carly's surprised he owes Michael money. He saves himself saying it's only twenty bucks and argues he doesn't have a problem staying there with Kiki and her family. Morgan believes Franco's redeemed himself for what happened to Michael. Carly's surprised he knows about the rape and wants him to be considerate of his brother. Morgan takes issue with the fact Michael had no problem telling his girlfriend something personal and not him. Carly refuses to leave and demands he say goodbye to Kiki. They walk into the family room in time to catch Franco kissing Ava. Carly's amused when Kiki calls her father a freak for his performance. Franco cautions Carly about calling him names since someone he knows tried to kill him. She toys with him about there being so many suspects and so little time. Kiki gets upset that Carly's there to take Morgan away. Ava thinks she's being hasty and introduces herself to Carly. Carly guesses they have different parenting styles and believes Ava is deluded. Franco asks the kids to leave and tells Carly to let Morgan stay or he'll tell him she tried to kill him.

At GH, Olivia wants to believe Sonny had nothing to do with her shooting. He didn't. Dante comes in with Lulu and asks Sonny if he's sure he wants to swear on his son's life over it. Lulu wants them to focus on happier news, the baby. Dante quickly tells Olivia that her visions were right, they're having a dog. Olivia wants the kidding to stop and all are happy to hear the Falconeri's are having a baby girl. Alone, Olivia and Sonny hold hands as she cries about having a granddaughter. Later, Sonny explains to Dante he does not have all the facts. He rejoins Olivia and invites her to his home to recover.

Luke collapses in his room. Tracy arrives and bribes a maid to open his door when there's no answer. She finds him unconscious. When he comes to, she begs him to start treatment but he's ready to pack and go find Jerry Jacks and won't debate it with her or anyone else. Lulu knocks on the door calling his name. Luke warns Tracy not to tell her. Lulu comes in and inquires about Tracy's health. Tracy promises she's well. Lulu hugs her, thanking her for raising her when her own mother couldn't. She can't imagine how hard it would be to lose a parent. Tracy looks on quietly as Lulu announces she's having a baby girl, someone for Luke to ice-fish with and who'll love him as much as Lulu does when she grows up. Luke hugs Lulu. She notices his suitcase and asks if he's going somewhere. He promises to be back when the baby is born. Alone, Tracy decides to make sure he comes back, by going with him.

Lulu returns to GH. Dante asks if Luke was excited. Lulu let's Dante know there's something different about Luke and wonders about the trip.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly tells Franco someone else wants him dead.

Michael needs help to stay away from Kiki.

Lulu wants to tell Laura and Nikolas something.

Luke tells Tracy he's a dead man walking.

Alexis still loves Shawn.

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