Always Trust Your Mother.

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Luke and Anna put their heads together, TJ confronts Molly, and Patrick hears the paternity results.

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Luke apologizes to Anna as they enter her room. She cries after watching the video and asks what she can do. Her help isn't necessary, Luke knows it's polonium. Anna's angry that he's not in treatment. He reminds her that the answer is not at GH and he needs her help to find the cure Helena alluded to. She starts investigating the WSB database while Luke touches base with Frisco. Anna finds something related to the poisoning of Jerry Jacks. Luke surmises Helena was probably the seller of the anti-toxin that Jerry needed ransom money for. He finds it interesting that Jerry's body was never found and is willing to bet if he can find Jerry, he can find the cure. Anna's ready to leave with him but he asks her to stay behind to feed him intelligence.

Felix calls Sabrina from the apartment hoping she beat Britt to the hospital. Taylor wakes up mad that she's been disturbed. He moans about the possibility that Britt could stop Sabrina from seeing the paternity test. Taylor thinks they all should go to jail. Felix informs her she's late to the party and describes Britt as relentless, remorseless and lying like a rug. Taylor finds Felix relentless as well with his never-ending abusive nicknames for Britt. Perhaps he needs to look at it from Britt's point of view like she does. She shares her bonding moment with Britt and tells Felix she confessed to sleeping with TJ. He sarcastically congratulates her for getting her man. She doesn't think so since TJ hasn't called. Felix gets brotherly and Taylor has to stop him from rushing off to kick TJ's butt.

Molly visits TJ at Kelly's after hearing he asked Shawn to check on her. He's sorry her family has to go through Danny being sick. She confesses she can hardly think of anything else but TJ mocks her and admits to seeing her with Rafe. Molly explains how the kiss wasn't the same as when she kisses him. TJ feels like a jerk and regrets sleeping with Taylor. He's not certain Molly will want him back. Before he can tell her, Molly decides they should erase everything that happened in the last few months and just get back together. They seal it with a kiss happier than ever. Outside, Molly bumps into Taylor and tells her there are no secrets between her and TJ and they're back together. Taylor's surprised and asks, "So, he told you we slept together?"

Spinelli comes by Alexis' to check on Danny, followed by Silas. Sam thanks Silas for helping and is eager to get this behind her. Silas knows it won't be over soon. Everyone waits to hear what he means while he gets rude with Spinelli requesting that he let the grownups speak. He breaks the news that there's a good chance Danny needs a bone-marrow transplant and Sam should start looking for a match. Rafe and Spinelli are supportive and Spinelli leaves promising to start on a list of potential donors.

At GH, Britt catches Ellie outside the lab and protests her running a paternity test. Patrick and Sabrina appear to tell her it's too late to stop it, they have the results. Britt makes a scene and threatens to turn them all in if they open up the envelope holding the test results. Patrick decides it's not worth it and knows there is a better way to find out if the baby is his than for all of them to lose their jobs. Sabrina and Ellie disagree as Patrick gives Britt the results. She rips up the envelope thanking Patrick for doing the right thing. He thanks her for confirming his suspicions that he's not the baby's father. Britt stops them from leaving and agrees to allow a legit paternity test. Since Ellie ran the test Britt's certain she already knows the results and invites her to disclose the results. Ellie apologizes and confirms Patrick is the father. Elsewhere, Lulu can tell something is wrong with Maxie when they arrive with Dante for their appointment. She wonders what happened between her and Spinelli. Maxie reflects on her discussion with Spinelli over her baby attachment issue. Lulu apologizes for getting involved. Later all are pleasantly distracted during the sonogram. The doctor asks if they want to know the baby's sex. Lulu didn't but considers it and asks Maxie for permission. Maxie wants them to be happy and doesn't mind. Alone with the doctor Maxie says, "I'm having a girl." Outside Dante and Lulu celebrate with kisses as Britt receives a text from her mother nearby. "I told you everything would work out. You should always trust your mother."

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Luke's passed out with Tracy knocking on the door.

Franco tells Kiki he's getting back together with her mother.

Carly tells Morgan he can't live with her with that psychopath.

Sam thinks her and Danny are getting in the way.

Dante tells Sonny how he, Carly and Shawn conspired to kill Franco.

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