I Put It There.

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Luke receives a mysterious DVD, Sonny tells Connie about the shooting, and AJ tries to save what's left of his relationship with Elizabeth.

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Luke fixes a drink on the Haunted Star while Tracy reminds him his body doesn't need more toxic substances. He calls her a downer for ruining his celebration. They're interrupted when a delivery man arrives with a get well basket. Tracy finds a DVD labeled 'Play Me' instead of a card and wonders if Franco sent it. Luke doesn't think so since they hardly know each other. The DVD starts and Helena's familiar voice asks Luke if he missed her. She indicates if he's watching then she is dead and he's won. Helena owns up to putting a mystery toxin in his body. Luke thinks she's bluffing until she credits his demise to his earring which she holds up and calls deadly when laced with a toxin. Tracy stares at the toxic earring Luke is wearing that Helena switched with the original. He yanks it off, cursing Helena. Tracy stops him from turning the video off as Helena explains there's a slim chance to reverse the process if he's smart enough to figure out how. It is her final gift and hints the solution won't be found at GH.

At the Metro Court, Shawn shows Carly the bullet he pried from a planter on the terrace. They look up wondering where the other shooter was that night. Inside, AJ's surprised when Elizabeth plays a recorded conversation he had with Tracy about him sleeping with Carly. She says, "Have a nice life," and tries to leave. He starts to trash Nikolas for giving her the recording. Elizabeth reminds him Nikolas didn't get naked with Carly, he did. Elizabeth's the most important person in his life. She would have hoped that meant more to him than sleeping with Carly. She asks Carly what hate sex is when she returns to the bar and asks AJ why he cheated on her. He denies cheating because she had dumped him and explains what happened between him and Carly. Elizabeth realizes it happened on a night she tried to visit him. He asks what she would have done if he confessed then and believes she's about to dump him again. Carly can think of lots of reasons not to date AJ, but doesn't want it to be because of her. She'll never have sex with him again and tells Elizabeth how much AJ cares for her. Carly leaves them alone. Elizabeth promises to think about it.

Connie visits Olivia at GH and shares how much Sonny cares. Olivia could see that Sonny cared very much for Connie as well. She gets the feeling she interrupted something when she woke up. Sonny comes in ready to talk about the shooting. Connie clears it up that the shooter was after Franco and not Sonny. Shawn arrives and steps outside with Sonny to tell him that he and Carly are innocent. Inside Olivia and Connie both want to know if the other wants Sonny back. Connie believes neither of them should take him back to avoid the fate of being shot again. Sonny returns to confess he had nothing to do with the shooting, but whoever did will pay.

At the Quartermaine's, Franco's sure there won't be another attempt on his life anytime soon. Ava remembers taking the shot at the Metro Court. If he has it all figured out, she wants to know who he thinks did it. Franco remembers his conversation with Carly after the shooting but considers it need-to-know information. Ava believes he has no idea. He's touched she's concerned about his well-being and wonders why she tried to kill him with a letter opener. She cares about Kiki and shares how she never showed her Franco's work, afraid she might have liked it. She remembers seeing something amazing in him before she saw his dark side. He doesn't know how she'll help him get close to Kiki. Ava suggests the two of them get back together. He screams, "Why?" and she reminds him he's there professing to be a better man. She's certain they can convince Kiki they've forgiven each other and kisses him passionately. She leaves thinking they can sell their reunion after all.

Alexis visits Nikolas on Spoon Island. He believes she did know that Shawn was taking over for Jason and it goes against everything she believes in. He talks sense to her but it doesn't change the fact that she loves Shawn. She asks to borrow his phone before leaving and Nik admits Elizabeth has it. He denies deliberately allowing Elizabeth to hear the recording. Neither he nor Alexis know where their relationships are headed next.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick hopes to find out if Britt is lying to him.

Britt is mad at Felix when she hears about the paternity test.

Lulu tells Dante they are not ready for this baby.

Tracy seeks Ellie's help to find the toxin that's killing Luke.

Laura asks Luke if he's okay.

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