Bullet Points.

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Luke and Tracy wait to see the doctor, Elizabeth hears the truth about Carly and AJ, and Carly tries to keep Shawn from confessing.

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At GH, Tracy turns down junk food while playing cards with Luke. She refuses his suggestion to go to lunch at the Metro Court and reprimands him for his eating habits. She continues on a rant when the doctor arrives late. The doctor confirms for Luke that his liver is fine. Luke's happy and ready to leave when the doctor indicates there is something else wrong. Tests indicate something toxic was introduced into his system and they hope they can treat him. Tracy becomes more worried over this than his liver.

At PCPD, Anna and Dante discuss the ballistics report. The gun isn't the weapon that fired the bullet that hit Olivia. Meanwhile, Carly drags Shawn into the interrogation room to talk him out of confessing. Dante bursts in demanding to know where the second weapon is. Carly's insulted for being dragged into this mess and cautions Shawn that words can get twisted and someone could admit so doing something they did not do. Dante wants Shawn to tell them what he came to tell them. Shawn declines with an offer that he'll be at their disposal if needed. As they leave, Carly explains to Shawn that they are innocent of shooting Olivia. Alone, Dante and Anna realize that someone in addition to Sonny, Carly and Shawn are involved in trying to kill Franco.

In the park, Carly and Shawn are relieved they have nothing to feel guilty about. They know they have to find the shell casing from the shot he took at Franco before the PCPD does. Nearby, Elizabeth hears AJ's voice on Nik's phone confessing to sleeping with Carly. She wants to know if it's true and wonders if he's spying on AJ. Nik confesses he bought it from Tracy and kept it as insurance so AJ would never hurt her. She's interrupted when AJ calls worried that she's not at the Metro Court yet. Elizabeth tells him she wouldn't miss their date and hangs up. She borrows Nik's phone and rushes to meet AJ.

At the Metro Court, AJ compliments Lucy Coe as being too pretty to pick up trash when he catches her with a piece of yellow police tape. She's happy Olivia's okay and that she can use the Metro Court for an event. Lucy's excited to see Scott and Laura when they arrive and leaves AJ to wait for Elizabeth. She takes Laura away from Scott to discuss once again partnering together on Deception Cosmetics. Laura isn't thrilled to start and is even less thrilled when she learns there are no investors. Scott rejoins them and Lucy promises to toast their marriage after they share a toast over her and Laura's renewed partnership. At the bar, AJ stops Carly and asks her not bother him and Elizabeth on their date there. She's too busy and meets Shawn on the terrace. They find Shawn's bullet casing. Inside, Elizabeth meets AJ at their table and plays the recording on Nik's phone of AJ's confession about sleeping with Carly.

At the Quartermaine's, Morgan overhears Ava asking Franco if they have a deal. She wants to revisit the bullet points when Franco shushes her and opens the door on Morgan. Morgan claims he wanted to get his laptop and leaves. Ava thinks there's nothing they can do if he heard them conspiring about ELQ. They get into an argument over her keeping Kiki away from him. She decides he has two options, she'll let the Quartermaines know about his sabotage, or she'll keep it a secret and he'll give her half of everything. He's interested in offer number two, under one condition. Ava's not interested and decides to wait for AJ. She reminds him how she protected his daughter all these years. He suggests maybe he allowed her to. Ava inquires about his one condition after some thought. He wants her help in winning over Kiki since he'll be around for a while. She doesn't know why he should think that. Franco's certain he knows who tried to kill him, and they know he knows. She's glad he's got it all figured out, and reflects on the night she took the shot at him. In the boathouse, Kiki reminds Michael that she's his brother's girlfriend. They decide how best to move on as cousins and friends. Morgan arrives to see them shake on staying away from each other. Michael tells him Kiki talked him into promising not to tell their parents about him gambling again on the condition he stop gambling. Michael departs and Morgan tells Kiki she was right about her mother being in town.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Luke gets a message from Helena.

Ava and Franco kiss.

AJ claims his future is with Elizabeth.

Nik gives Alexis advice on Shawn.

Carly thinks she and Shawn are free from Sonny's wrath.

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- Violette DeSantis

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