It Wasn't Sonny.

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Carly and Shawn visit the PCPD, Ava has something on Franco, and Elizabeth spends time with Nik and the boys.

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In the park, Carly thinks Shawn's out of his mind for considering turning himself in and is worried it will ruin their lives. Anna approaches looking for Carly and offers her a ride to the station for questioning. Nearby, Nik asks Elizabeth to stay when she drops Cameron off for a play date with Spencer. She's hesitant, but decides to be friends if he respects her decisions and doesn't interfere. Nik remembers his last confrontation with AJ, and then gives her his word. The boys attack them with water guns interrupting their talk. Elizabeth gets distracted when Nik takes off his shirt. She excuses herself to change into his extra shirt. Cameron offers to fix Nik's wet phone. When he hands it back a recording of AJ asking Tracy not to tell Elizabeth he slept with Carly plays.

AJ enters his office eager to find out who was responsible for the relish tampering. Duke asks if he's considered Ava Jerome and mentions her earlier visit. AJ explains how Ava is the mother of the missing heir. He's interested in Ava's visit and Duke discloses she's possibly related to the Jerome mob family. He's certain Ava is hiding something.

At the Quartermaine's, Morgan catches Michael in the pool house with Kiki topless. He yanks him outside wondering what was so important that he'd bust in on Kiki. Michael yells that he felt it was urgent to find him since he stole his credit card. Kiki gets angry he's gambling again. His denial is met with disbelief. Morgan finally admits he was gambling for Kiki's sake and storms off mad thinking Michael is interested in Kiki. Alone, Michael asks, "What are we going to do about us?" Franco reviews ELQ stock prices on his tablet when Ava arrives at the Quartermaine's. Ava doesn't believe he's bonding with Kiki. He's excited about time with his daughter; the only reason he would come back to Port Charles and face trial. Ava thinks he's working on another art piece. Franco wonders why she's looking for AJ. It's not about manipulating Kiki's shares; she's ready to offer up his head on a platter. Franco's certain AJ wants to work with him. Ava has doubts that will happen if AJ finds out about him poisoning the relish. Franco doesn't know what she's talking about and hides his tablet in the couch when she starts discussing the chaos that's ensued since the relish tampering. She thinks it's brilliant performance art taking down a company. He wonders how she's going to prove it. Ava recounts her visit to New York during the taping of "The Chew" and how an unnamed man was identified as running off from the studio. She's since taken a photo to the show's producer who's confirmed it was him. She calls his bluff and pulls his tablet from beneath the cushion. When he returns, Morgan overhears Ava offering to unite with Franco if he wants her to keep her mouth shut.

At GH, Sonny tells Alexis that Olivia's doing well and she's certain he must be relieved since he's responsible. He denies putting Olivia in harm's way, but Alexis wants him to skip lying about the hit since Shawn told her he was the shooter. Sonny won't take responsibility for Shawn's decisions. He's a grown man. Alexis is interested in knowing who Sonny thinks is responsible. Shawn interrupts and Alexis leaves to see Danny. Shawn didn't tell Alexis it was Carly. Sonny doesn't care and refuses to give up the mother of his children. Shawn shares that Anna's already onto Carly. Sonny wonders how they will stop this, and Shawn offers to turn himself in with a claim he worked alone. Sonny doesn't want this for Shawn and hopes he'll wait it out. Shawn wants his life back. Later, Sonny tells Alexis that Shawn went to the PCPD to confess.

Dante rushes into the PCPD and is given the news that the weapon used in Olivia's shooting was found. He joins an officer to check out the rifle. Dante compares the bullet to the weapon and is certain they have a match and puts a rush on the ballistics test. He joins Anna outside interrogation and wants to question Carly with her. Anna is hesitant but agrees to it. Dante gets tired of the good cop routine and threatens that they'll trace the gun back to one of Sonny's men soon. Carly blurts out, "It wasn't Sonny." She asks to call her lawyer when Dante asks who is responsible. Shawn's outside and tells her that won't be necessary. Anna pulls Dante away to report the bullet didn't come from the gun they found. Meanwhile Carly tries to talk Shawn out of confessing.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Tracy asks Luke's doctor what else is wrong with Luke.

Franco asks Ava what they will do about their daughter's dimwitted boyfriend.

Kiki tells Michael there is no us.

Elizabeth asks Nik if it is true.

Carly reminds Dante they don't have anything connecting them to the crime.

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- Violette DeSantis

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