I Know What You Did.

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Shawn confronts Carly, Patrick has Danny's test results, and Lulu sees Sonny and Carly having an intense moment.

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Carly's explaining how she's related to Olivia to get information from GH when Shawn grabs and tosses her phone behind the bar at the Metro Court. He wants her to explain what she did. She doesn't like his tone and threatens to call security. He doesn't care if she calls the police, he's mad she dragged him into this mess. Carly might be in danger now that Sonny knows. Shawn's surprised he hasn't stopped by to kill her yet. She doesn't think Sonny is going to kill anyone. Shawn smugly advises she can keep telling herself that, but if Olivia dies, they won't need him to do it.

Patrick wonders if the reality lived up to the fantasy for Sabrina as they bask in the afterglow of their evening in his bed. Later, while getting ready for work Patrick is interrupted by a call that Danny's test results are in.

Franco bothers Alexis at Kelly's, complimenting her on how hot she looks sitting atop her high-horse. She asks him to go away but stops when he brags about surviving the latest attempt on his life. She questions him when he thinks Olivia got shot instead of him. Franco explains Sonny's in custody. She doesn't believe Sonny has anything to do with Olivia getting shot, but Franco suggests maybe one of his men did. Alexis reflects on Shawn's lies from last night. Diane approaches her and Alexis says Sam won't be in court because Danny has leukemia. Alexis leaves for GH. Franco is shocked, as is Diane that he even cares.

In the interrogation room, Anna's eager for Sonny to confess taking a hit out on Franco. She baits him with the PCPD's evidence and clues until Sonny throws a chair screaming, "It wasn't me." He wants to go be with Olivia. Anna's unable to rattle him and lets him go. She receives a call from Alexis and lets her know Sonny was released but doesn't have any answers for her regarding a shooter. Shawn arrives for questioning as she gets off the phone. Anna already has him pegged as the shooter since he has the skills. He reminds her that the shooter missed. Anna takes advantage of the situation and asks how it felt to watch the bullet hit Olivia. She reminds him he made things right for TJ after his friendly fire incident and asks how he will make it right for Olivia. She wants him to confess and make amends. Shawn has nothing else to say if she's not going to charge him. As he leaves, Anna tells him not to leave town.

At GH, Sam yells at Silas for trying to get Danny's medical information. He wants her to prepare herself and explains what they will be put through given what he believes is Danny's diagnosis of leukemia. He's sorry she doesn't like his bedside manner and promises not to hold her negativity against Danny if he ever has to care for him. Later, Patrick meets Sam and wants to wait for another doctor before giving her the news. When Alexis arrives Sam begs Patrick to tell her. He apologizes and confirms Danny's condition. She inquires about the treatments that Silas shared with her earlier to Patrick. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante rally at Olivia's side. While she's unconscious, they try to figure out who would hate Franco enough to try to kill him in a public place. Lulu doesn't want Dante to feel Sonny could be the only suspect. Dante knows what his father is capable of and despite loving him promises to make sure Sonny's prosecuted if he had anything to do with this. Sonny overhears before entering the room. He says a prayer to Olivia before privately swearing to Dante he had nothing to do with this. Dante asks, "Then who did?" Sonny sees Carly peering in the room. He interrupts Dante and rushes after her. Dante becomes upset and Lulu decides to get the doctor. Meanwhile, the elevator doesn't come fast enough and Carly hears Sonny say, "I know what you did." Lulu arrives nearby in time to see Sonny tell Carly if Olivia dies, Carly dies. Shocked, Lulu apologizes and leaves them. Back in Olivia's room Lulu confirms seeing Sonny and shares something serious was going on between him and Carly.

Back at Kelly's Diane discusses Franco's case with him. He's not interested in getting a psych evaluation and might feel safer behind bars. Diane steps away when Silas arrives to change their court plans. He refuses and believes it's in Sam's best interest if he gets custody of Rafe.

Franco arrives at the hospital smugly announcing to Carly and Sonny, "The gang's all here." He wants to check on Olivia. Sonny threatens that he shouldn't take one step in her direction. Franco indicates he knows what they did, but promises his lips are sealed.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Tracy asks Luke what he's doing.

Molly thinks Alexis knows who shot Olivia.

TJ knows Molly needs him and he wants to be with her.

Michael wants to introduce himself to Lauren.

Franco wants to bond with Lauren.

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