I Am Not That Man.

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Carly deals with the aftermath of the shooting, family waits for Olivia to go into surgery, and Alexis learns something about Shawn.

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Patrick and Sabrina kiss before moving to his bedroom. She's nervous and Patrick asks if it's her first time. Sabrina denies being a virgin and admits to having had sex lots of times. Patrick can't imagine what she means by that. She confesses it was with her childhood sweetheart back home. Patrick doesn't want to move too fast, but Sabrina knows she is with who she wants to be with. Things heat up and they make love. Afterwards they reflect on their journey before getting busy again.

Molly sees Taylor and TJ goofing off inside Kelly's. TJ leaves to check on a problem in the kitchen. Taylor is amused to see Molly rush away from the window. TJ returns wet from a burst pipe and tries to reach Shawn to no avail. Taylor suggests he try to reach someone else. Afterwards, TJ and Taylor try to fix the pipes themselves. They get wet together in the process. Taylor takes her shirt off and asks if he can dry it. She takes off his shirt for him too thinking he should do the same.

At the Metro Court, Dante gets off the phone knowing Olivia is stable and needs surgery. Anna produces an evidence bag with the shell and lets Dante know they'll get the guy. He leaves for the hospital. In the restaurant, Carly reminds Franco there's been a shooting and lies about talking to security. He remembers, adding he knows who's responsible. Carly asks if he meant her. He agrees it's her hotel, she's libel, but he wonders what she thought he meant. Carly argues she's not responsible for the actions of everyone that walks into the hotel. Franco only cares about the one she hired to kill him. He lays it out like he sees it, from the point where Carly dragged him from the Quartermaine's to the terrace at the Metro Court. Carly calls him a conspiracy theorist. Franco wonders if they should ask Anna if she'd think the same when she gets off the elevator and approaches them. She wonders why she's just the person Franco wants to see and he feigns an interest in Olivia's condition since Carly is worried about her star employee. Anna goes to investigate on the terrace. Franco apologizes to Carly for all the hurt he has caused and tells her he is not the same guy. On the terrace a waiter tells Anna where Carly and Franco were seated. She sits in Franco's seat and looks up to the balcony where the shooter was.

At GH, Alexis wonders why Shawn is so popular and thinks he has more business with Sonny. Shawn lies, saying it was TJ worrying about Molly. She apologizes, she hasn't been thinking of the kids. He reminds her they agreed not to meddle in their lives. Alexis wants Shawn to check on TJ and he leaves. Molly arrives worrying about Danny. When she goes to get food, Alexis receives a call from TJ looking for Shawn. She's surprised Shawn's not with him and finds out TJ didn't talk to Shawn earlier. When Molly returns Alexis suggests Molly should still go to the prom with Rafe. Connie interrupts Sonny's heartfelt confession to Olivia in the exam room about needing her in his life. She doesn't want Olivia to waste strength and asks Sonny who did this to Olivia. He promises to find out and take care of it. Connie gives Olivia a pep talk about pulling through after Sonny leaves. Dante comes in and agrees she's going to make it. Quietly, Connie tells Dante what happened at the Metro Court before he spends time at Olivia's bedside. Sonny runs into Shawn in the hall looking for an update on Olivia. Shawn looks nervous when Sonny wants to talk to him. Sonny explains Olivia was shot, and Shawn interrupts to find out how she's doing. He then apologizes for not being able to get a clear shot. Sonny's angry and says, "What the hell are you talking about?" He's infuriated to learn Carly called Shawn saying the hit was back on. Shawn doesn't know what to say. Sonny wants him to say nothing and plans on talking to Carly himself. After they take Olivia to surgery, Dante asks Sonny if he was the intended target that resulted in his mom getting shot. Anna arrives and interrupts asking if Sonny knows anything about Franco being the intended target. Nearby, Alexis asks Molly to visit Sam when they run into Shawn. She wonders how TJ is doing and listens to Shawn tell another lie. Alexis calls him out as a liar and leaves to go see her daughter.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Shawn wants a reason why he shouldn't strangle Carly.

Franco tells Alexis that Sonny was arrested.

Lulu reminds Dante there are a lot of people who hate Franco.

Anna suggests to Sonny that one of his men pulled the trigger.

Sam tells Silas to leave her and Danny alone.

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