The Truth Will Come Out.

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Patrick spends time with Sabrina, Nik waits with Alexis at GH, and Carly is shocked at the result of her actions.

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Franco salutes Carly on the terrace of the Metro Court. From the bar, Olivia sees Sonny covered in blood and rushes after him thinking Franco's about to kill him. She's shot as she pushes Sonny out of the way. Franco calls 911 and Connie rushes to her side. Carly steals a look at the balcony. While she's lost in thought, Franco suggests that only she or he could have been the intended target.

Patrick arrives at home with Sabrina. After kissing, Patrick produces the dessert he lured her in the door for. The cupcake is too pretty to eat but Patrick thinks they've already waited long enough. They taste each other's dessert. Patrick admits Emma will be gone all night. Sabrina wonders if Patrick's the one who's ready. Patrick's certain he found the person Robin talked about on her DVD. He wants Sabrina to be comfortable. She kisses him passionately and he takes her to bed.

Emma has Duke covered in makeup and bows at Anna's. She rushes off to find some sparkle to complete his look. Anna thinks Robin would be okay with Patrick finding happiness. Emma continues on a quest to dress up Duke and is confused between the differences of a tutu and a kilt. After a call comes in, Anna leaves them to their play to go to the Metro Court. Duke and Emma dance the tango in tutus until they collapse tired on the couch.

Lulu and Dante work up an appetite making out. Lulu professes to never lose Dante ever again and orders Chinese to make up for her burnt dinner. Lulu invites Maxie over after Dante gets called away. Maxie's excited to find food when she arrives. They enjoy each other's company. Maxie's certain she understands the cryptic messages they receive about the truth coming out in the fortune cookies but changes the subject and surprises Lulu by returning her favorite red shoes.

Back at the Metro Court, Shawn ducks into the room in shock that he shot Olivia. He pauses at the door overhearing Anna walk by trying to secure the hotel. Downstairs, Dante arrives and runs to Olivia's side as she's wheeled out on a stretcher. Sonny and Connie beg him to stay and find who did this. Anna and Dante interrogate Carly and Franco. Franco points to where he saw a flash. Carly takes them to the room Franco pointed to and witnesses Dante find where the shooter took the shot. Anna requests hotel security footage for the night, then finds a bullet shell on the floor.

AJ brings Elizabeth coffee at the hospital. He's certain Michael is handling Franco's return better than he is and is tired of watching Tracy fuss over his new niece Kiki. Elizabeth's sorry to bring him news that Danny is in the hospital for tests. They part. Elizabeth's surprised when Olivia's wheeled into emergency with a gunshot wound. She makes Sonny and Connie wait outside. He holds Connie after they realize Olivia saw her blood on Sonny in her vision and not his. Connie allows Sonny to see Olivia first when she is stabilized. Connie notifies Dante about Olivia's status and returns to hear Sonny confess how much he needs Olivia in his life right now. Nearby, Nik brings Danny a stuffed elephant and coffee for Alexis while she waits. She's upset Shawn left for work and slowly gets to the point that Shawn works for Sonny. Nik's surprised Shawn's not the sandwich guru he thought he was. Alexis denies Kelly's diner is a front or that Shawn has taken over Jason's job as enforcer. She doesn't believe Shawn is like the other men she's had in her life. Shawn returns and is introduced to Nik before he leaves. Alexis wants to know what Shawn stepped away to do. He calls her out on their previous agreement not to discuss these matters but Alexis feels she needs to know now. Shawn takes a call from Carly on the side and promises to check on Olivia. Meanwhile, Nik stops AJ at the elevator from visiting Danny while he rests after the procedure. AJ quips Nik must still be pining after Elizabeth. Nik ignores the remark and lets AJ know that he's aware he slept with Carly and has recorded proof. AJ's surprised Elizabeth doesn't know already and wonders what the catch is. There's no catch, but Nik doesn't have a reason to delete the recording and is quite happy to have a nice insurance policy to keep AJ from hurting Elizabeth.

In the Metro Court lobby Carly claims she's on the phone with hotel security. Franco thinks he knows who's responsible for what happened.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sabrina nervously tells Patrick she's had a lot of sex.

Anna promises to catch the person who did this.

Connie wants Olivia to fight for her life.

Franco thinks he knows who is responsible for the shooting.

Sonny doesn't know what Shawn is talking about.

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- Violette DeSantis

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