You're A Britch!

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Carly plots to kill Franco, Patrick and Sabrina have a date and Laura is back.


At the apartment, Felix questions Britt about Sabrina. She trashes Sabrina, Patrick and him. "You're a Britch!" he says. She insists she's a caring person. He doesn't buy it. She blames her mom for her unlikeable personality. He thought she was spawned from poisonous mushroom spores. She tells him about her supervillain parents. Felix doesn't feel sorry for her, just her baby. He pushes her to prove the baby is Patrick's. She refuses.

Patrick takes Sabrina to the Metro Court for their first real date. The doctor tells her how wonderful she is. She tells him that she still doesn't trust Britt. Neither does he but he still thinks the baby is his. They change the topic and he suggests she come back to his place for 'dessert'. Olivia and Connie watch from across the room. They discuss Sonny. "Boy knows how to work the dimples," says Liv. Connie starts questioning her about moving on from Steve. Liv complains that she's getting old. Connie's sure her cousin will be 'beating men off with a stick'.

Dante pays his father a visit at the office to fill him in about Lulu. The toast her and then catch up about Franco. They rehash everything that happened to Michael and admit they all share blame. Dante updates him about the case against Connie being dropped. The cop encourages him to try again with her.

Lulu is rolling meat balls at home when her mom drops by. Laura hears about how Dante helped her break through. Then they discuss Laura's honeymoon. Lulu's meat balls burn. She complains about how her whole life is a disaster. Dante arrives and his wife's mother heads out. He gives Lulu a kiss and assures her she will be a good cook one day.

Carly shows up at the Quartermaine's to see Franco. She hands him a box. The toy he sent Jocelyn is in it. She lectures him for terrorizing her family. He's sorry but would never have hurt the kid. She wants proof that he's sorry and orders him to stay away from her children. He tries demonstrating his sense of humor. She's not laughing. Carly asks him to meet her at the Metro Court for dinner. He's enthusiastic.

At the hospital, Alexis opens up to Shawn about how unreal what's happening to her grandson is. They tell each other how much they love each other. It's not easy for her to admit that. He gets a call so she leaves to check on Sam. On the phone, Carly tells him the hit is back on and gives him instructions. He's not sure about this but she claims this is Sonny's idea. When he gets off the phone, he tells Alexis he has to go. She assumes he's doing something for Sonny and worries. He assures her he'll be back before she knows it.

Franco arrives at the Metro Court. Olivia and Connie ask him to leave. Carly pops up and announces he's with her. She leads him out to the terrace. Shawn takes his place across the street and aims his gun. Sonny arrives inside and gives Connie some jewelry he got for her before they broke up. It's her birthday so he wanted her to have it. Before he can leave, Liv tells him that Franco is there. Sonny heads out to the terrace ask Franco and Carly what they are doing. Suddenly, Liv gets a vision of Sonny covered in blood. She runs out and leaps between Sonny and Franco. Shawn pulls the trigger.

Tuesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nik threatens to expose what AJ did.

People reel from the hit gone wrong.

Shawn has an encounter with Anna.

Duke puts on a tutu.

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- Matt Purvis

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