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Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Franco's free on bail, Danny turns one, and Michael and Kiki get close.

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At the Metro Court, Luke receives a call from Tracy wondering what he's doing. He lies about getting dressed and adds he finished his chores. She promises to keep after him and wants to hear when he gets the test results back. Luke hangs up and gets back to his drink as Ava asks to join him. They share drinks together and Ava lets him know she's letting her daughter handle things. Luke thinks Lauren/Kiki realized Ava was using her daughter as a cash cow. Ava wants to prove otherwise and calls Lauren/Kiki. Luke laughs when she gets hung up on. Luke takes the opportunity to warn Ava about considering doing business with AJ over Tracy. Later at the bar Luke gets a call from GH to come in for his results. He remembers Tracy request and orders another drink instead.

Shawn stakes out the courthouse as Olivia and Connie engage Franco in conversation not believing he's still alive. Shawn whispers, "Not for long." He overhears Franco promising no harm on Dante or Lulu. Franco recognizes Connie as Kate Howard and thanks her for sponsoring his show. He wonders what's familiar about her and why she doesn't like him. She clarifies she was Connie Falconeri, Sonny's ex. Shawn watches them part. Olivia and Connie arrive in the courtroom when Connie receives the call from Diane that the case was tossed. She can't wait to tell Sonny she's free. Olivia reminds Connie it's her birthday and invites her out instead.

At the Quartermaine's, Monica interrupts a quiet AJ and knows he's still thinking about what happened to Michael. Tracy enters the living room and approaches AJ. He doesn't want to talk about relish. She agrees and confesses she heard about Michael. AJ is upset Monica told her and awaits Tracy's tongue-lashing. Tracy tells AJ how sorry she is. He thanks her and remembers they're all family. AJ brings up Franco's entitlement to shares as Monica and Tracy disagree he's owed anything. Franco sneaks in the patio doors holding up a peace sign asking if they should be talking about family like that. He checks out all the family photos on the mantle, including Alan's. From the patio, Shawn tries to get a clear shot at Franco but he moves around too much. Monica asks him to leave and he promises to take his shares out the door with him. Outside, Shawn disappears. Meanwhile, Franco taunts Monica by referring to her as his mother. Franco calls a meeting to order indicating that everything will change for AJ and Tracy to stop all this squabbling. As he surmises he might be the smartest grandchild, Ava arrives.

Sonny's annoyed by Carly's impatience. She won't be happy until Shawn pulls the trigger. Morgan overhears as he enters and wonders if they're planning a murder. Sonny reminds Morgan he should knock. Morgan gets mouthy suggesting it's because of the business he's in. Carly admits she was using a figure of speech. Morgan's requesting that Carly back off on Lauren/Kiki who's having family problems of her own knowing her mother lied about who her father was and now he's dead. He thinks Carly might like her if she gives her a chance. Sonny wants to know who Lauren/Kiki's father was. Morgan only knows he's from some rich family. Later Shawn visits to confess why he couldn't get the job done.

At the apartment, Michael reviews a flow chart of all the Quartermaine shareholders. Lauren/Kiki wonders where Morgan is and is interested in what Michael's doing. He admits it's related to business with his father. She jokes about the coffee import business. Michael corrects her that he's talking about his other father. Before they can discuss her mother, Lauren/Kiki takes a phone call from Ava and assures her if it's about the unsigned documents she can forget it. Michael gets out of the shower and Lauren/Kiki is still lounging around in her towel. They are about to kiss when Morgan comes in and asks, "What's going on?" Michael accuses her of using all the hot water and Lauren/Kiki invites him to go through her purse again. Michael wants Lauren/Kiki to stay out of his face. He leaves the room. Alone, Lauren/Kiki suggests to Morgan that they move out. Morgan is broke and thinks it's time to look up her rich relatives.

At the hospital, Patrick admits he heard from Silas but did not share Danny's medical records. Alexis and Sam can't believe what Silas said is true. Patrick disappoints them with news that there is something wrong and it's possible Danny has leukemia. They discuss options and decide to set up a biopsy. Alone, Alexis pulls it together for Sam and promises they'll get through this.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Elizabeth asks Sam if Danny's at GH for his one year checkup.

Sabrina tells Britt she needs to get her blood sample.

Franco welcomes Ava to his new home sweet home.

Carly wants Franco dead yesterday.

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